Technext Weekly Review: Toke Makinwa Sparked a War Over WhatsApp Call

David Afolayan
Toke Makinwa Sparked a War Over WhatsApp Call

Dear friends,
This week has been marked by a lot of highlights, from the threat from global political powers to the ragged debate on to or not to call a girlfriend on WhatsApp. Here is the video by Toke Makinwa that sparked the net-wide argument:

Of course, most arguments centred on certain key definitions like what is love? How do we quantify love? Is the time spent on the call or the amount spent on recharge cards that should be quantified? Whichever side you are one, it is evident that the way we evaluate love has been greatly influenced by generational shift. And, Toke Makinwa certainly mirrors the worldview of some women about how they must be loved.

Below is a recap of some of the major tech stories that trended last week that are worthy of mentioning:

Remitta Not a Threat to Banking Apps?

On Monday, John Obaro, the Chief Executive Officer of Systemspecs, owners of the Remita mobile app, said that the new Remitta mobile application is in no way a threat to existing banking applications.  This was contrary to the notion by many stakeholders that its ability to enable users to manage many accounts from one point will edge out many banking applications.

Our only question is: If the Remitta app is going to be just one of the many similar apps in the market, why the need to download it in the first place? Why do the owners think that people need to make use of it?

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Ghana Joins the Space league

We also told you that Ghana has joined the list of African countries to have launched a satellite into space. Its first satellite, Cubesat, was built by a Ghanaian engineering team at the All Nations University and was launched as the country’s first satellite in June 2017.

This particular satellite has two missions. It has cameras on board for detailed monitoring of the coastlines of Ghana. Then, there’s an educational piece―we want to use it to integrate satellite technology into high school curriculum.

Nigerian Universities to Surf the Net for Free

Last week, Cyberspace Network Limited – a 4G operator and a veritable platform for social and cognitive computing – announced its offer of free internet access to Nigerian tertiary students. According to them, Surfwella is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative that has the sole aim of enabling Nigerian students to compete favourably with their peers worldwide.

The first beneficiary of the project is the University of Abuja. The next institutions lined up to get the package are the Lagos State University (LASU), College of Agriculture, Lafiaji, and the University of Lagos.

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SnapnSave is Coming!

We told you that another South African (SA) business may soon greet the shores of Nigeria. SnapnSave is a shopping community in SA which helps buyers save money directly into their accounts by simply snapping a photo of their till slip.

Following a 14 Million Rands investment by two SA companies, SnapnSave is planning to take its venture into Nigeria and other Asian and African countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Kenya and a North African country.

YouTube player

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You must give up to go up!

Our contributor, Austin Okere, shared his amazing graduation address to the Fourth cohort of TrepCamp New York with us. If you need motivation for the week, it is a must read! Check it out here.

You also need to check out Femi Jegede’s review of the strides of Flutterwave, a fin-tech company in the business space. He believes that Flutterwave is a visionary 21st century start up that is already changing the speed at which business is done within Africa. There’s more work to be done in opening up Africa to the world.
What do you think?

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Have a great week ahead!


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