Here is How You can Take Advantage of the New SnapChat Analytics Feature

snapchat analytics

Analytics is a key part of business and content creation on social media these days. Analytic tools and insights can give you a huge understanding of what is working and what is not. It can also give you huge insights on what is trending and what could soon be trending. But SnapChat sucked at it until now.

The hugely popular messaging app, Snapchat, has added more improved analytic tools on its platform. The app would give creators and businesses access to information about their activities and people who engage with them.

Why Were Analytics Introduced?

Until now, SnapChat only provided data on the number of views a Story had garnered. And even that information didn’t last beyond 24 hours.

snapchat audience-insights

SnapChat, however, would now include analytics to give creators more insights about their activities and the demographics of people who they engage.

TechCrunch reports that the new analytics include:

  • Breakdown of audience demographics, providing data on gender breakdown, geographic location, and the age bracket of people engaged.
  • Time Spent Viewing stories in minutes over the past week or even year.
  • Total Story Views over the past week, month or year.
  • Audience interests, capturing what categories users engaged the most, like sports or food.
  • Daily unique story viewers, providing information about the average time unique visitors spent watching a story.
How Can SnapChat Analytics Help you?

Creators become influencers due to the number of people that follow their activities. On SnapChat, it’s not been easy keeping track of follower engagement. As said before, before now, SnapChat only provided information about how many people had viewed your story. And that detail had to screengrabbed else it would disappear after 24 hours.

lasisi elenu
Lasisi Elenu is one influencer that got his big break from SnapChat

This could perhaps be the reason why there are so many creators on Instagram than there are at SnapChat.

But with the new analytics, SnapChat creators get an array of information about their activities. This information is used to get brand endorsements, ads and other goodies that come from being an influencer.

Nigerian influencers can use the insights to gather more understanding about who their audience are and what contents they like. Any growth from that understanding increases creators’ ability to attract endorsement.

Importantly too, introducing analytics means that SnapChat is going to work more with creators on its platform. The company has already rolled out a redesign of its app that promotes creators on its Discover section.

So should influencers expect more benefits on SnapChat? Will ads revenue be split the same way like on Facebook and YouTube?

No one can tell for now, but we’ll bring you the latest when that happens.

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