A Walk-Through of the Ausso Leadership Academy Entrepreneurs’ Hub (Pictures)

David Afolayan

The announcement of the Ausso Leadership Academy idea by Mr Austin Okere sometimes in December heralded a promising project. With daily announcements of the Champions of Business and Entrepreneurship that will be gracing #ALA programmes, the width of the idea seems to have expanded beyond what many folks thought were its frontiers.

Last week, Mr. Okere invited anyone who was interested in a visit to the premise of ALA to register for a walkthrough event and I made my way there. So, allow me to walk you through ‘The Entrepreneurs’ Hub’ through the lens of my camera:

Reception Area

The #ALA ambience begins from here.Pictures: A Walk-Through of the Bespoke Ausso Leadership Academy's Entrepreneurs' Hub


According to the founder of ALA, Austin Okere, the academy seeks to mentor Business Executives and entrepreneurs who by their successes will thereafter become beacons to other aspiring High Achieving Intrapreneurs and High Growth Entrepreneurs. The plan is to groom 200 per year, 40 in each class.

The cafeteria will cater for a 30-minute tea break and a one-hour lunch break through the sessions:

ALA- Ausso Leadership Academy- Cafeteria

Meeting Rooms

The masterclasses will involve break-out sessions. This may include group meeting or special mentoring sessions with champions. They will take place in the designated rooms:

ALA- Meeting Room 1

There are 2 of such rooms designed to accommodate 10 participants each.

Conference Room

The ALA Conference room can take up to 15 People at once. IT has the multimedia facility for video conferencing and a direct feed from the amphitheatre.ALA- Conference Room


According to the team, the ALA program recognizes that a business needs the critical people to be in constant touch, providing direction and approving plans and requests. Hence, the program has been made compact into a 9 am to 3 pm format with two generous breaks for participants to touch base with the offices through high-speed complimentary internet access.ALA- Lounge

Much of it will happen in these places.ALA- Waiting Room

The Amphitheatre

This where most of the action will be:ALA- Amphitheatre

The room has been designed to accommodate 40 participants. It has also been equipped with a multimedia facility.ALA- Amphi Inside 1

Another interesting part of the hub is the studio. Here, interview sessions will be conducted and live recordings will take place.

The Entrepreneurs’ hub is a place Everyone who has a business or pursuit need to visit.

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