Teleology Sets Ambitious Agenda for 9Mobile’s Growth

The sale of 9Mobile, Nigeria’s fourth largest teleco, is nearly complete. According to reports by Business Day Newspapers, the preferred bidder, Teleology Holdings, has completed the payment of $301 million needed to take over the teleco.

The preferred bidder in the 9Mobile sale, Teleology Holdings, is keen on correcting insinuations that it lacks the capability to manage the telco. The company just released a 10-point agenda that captures its intentions for the teleco. The agenda portrays Teleology as technically-competent and worker-friendly.

“9mobile is transiting into a new phase that will be defined by optimal value delivery: value to our employees, value to our customers, value to local communities and indeed to all stakeholders”, Company Director, Adrian Woods said.

He emphasized that the agenda for 9Mobile has to be ambitious enough to meet present standards.

Wood said:

Any three-point plan or three-dimension idea is naive and completely missing the scope and complexity of the urgent Nigerian need to be brought into the 21st century broadband era.

While sharing the company’s commitment to customers and to Nigeria, Wood said Teleology is looking to reorganizing 9Mobile into an “engineering-led and brand-driven” company.

Director, Teleology Holdings, Andrian Wood
Teleology Commits Infrastructure

An important part of the agenda is Teleology’s commitment to scaling 9Mobile’s infrastructure. The company plans to double 9Mobile’s 3G/4G cell sites. It is also set to add new fiber optics cables stretching thousands of kilometres.

An interesting plan on the agenda is to scale 9Mobile’s internet reach in the rural areas. Teleology aims for better internet connections, backed by 4G broadband in rural areas across Nigeria’s 774 local governments.

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The company would invest in new telecom infrastructures and commit 9Mobile to innovative growth marketing schemes. For instance, in the next one year, 9Mobile will distribute 4G-capable devices to customers at affordable amounts.

Furthermore, Teleology is intent on using 9Mobile to increase Nigeria’s employment rates. The telco says it is targeting an increase in 9Mobile’s staff by up to 50%. This is a huge deal, especially for current staff members who fear the company would down-size instead.

In all, the new agenda seems holistic. It captures Teleology’s vision for 9Mobile, as well as presents the company as technically-competent. However, our fingers are crossed; for all we know, this may just be an attempt to get regulatory approval for the deal.


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