5 Nigerian Online Marketplaces that Everyone Should Check out

online marketplaces

There has been a massive growth in the use of the Internet in Nigeria, leading to the exploration of the benefits it brings. One of the many benefits is the increase in online marketplaces.

An online marketplace (or e-commerce marketplace) is a type of e-commerce site where product or service information is provided by sets of third parties, although the transactions are processed by the marketplace operator. With the growing trend of people wanting to shop from the comforts of their rooms and offices for goods and services, there is also a need for businesses to go online, hereby, paving way for online marketplaces.

With an Online marketplace, selling online is made easier as it affords businesses to reach more people. And with with this, SME’s can sell their products even without owning a physical shop or store.

Let’s take a look at 5 online marketplaces where small businesses can showcase and sell their products.


Launched in 2012, Jumia Nigeria is one of Nigeria’s most popular e-commerce websites and is likened to the Nigerian Version of Amazon and Ebay.

Although it started out as a platform with only its product listed on its site, as of now, it offers businesses and individuals opportunity to market and sell their products (both new and used products). All that is needed to be done is just to simply create a free account on the platform and start to showcase your goods.



With Konga Marketplace, all businesses, regardless of type, can showcase and sell their products online while making use of Konga’s platform. Founded in 2012, Konga has warehouses in the key cities in Nigeria.

Also, with a number of independent retailers on their platform, Konga allows SME’s reach wider audience and customers while using the platform.

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SME MarketHub

Owned by Gtbank, SME MarketHub is a free online platform where businesses can list, promote and sell their products and services online to audiences far and near.

One other good thing about the platform is that it allows for small businesses to create fully hosted online stores, add their products and receive payment online anywhere in the country.


Founded in 2014, Jiji.ng  is an online marketplace that allows sellers showcase their products online making use of free ads an advanced security system.

As a business owner, you can post adverts of your products and services for free on the website and get replies/calls from intending buyers, meet with buyers and exchange good and services. Also, buyers can review the product after the transaction has been made.


DealDey is also an online platform that allows businesses of all sizes to list their products and service. It is an easy and fun way to get good deals. Since there is a limited number of items that go on display per time, it puts your brand/product in a better spot for exposure.

Offers on Dealdey are rolled out at discounted rates, so you as a business must be willing to give nothing less than 25% discount on your products and services.


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