What You Need to Start a Successful YouTube Channel


Thinking of starting your own channel on YouTube? Well, good thought!

YouTube is one of the largest video-sharing websites and the second most visited website in the world, with over 1,300,000,000 and 300 hours of videos uploaded to the platform every minute. The video website gets approximately over 30 million visitors per day. Additionally, the platform plays a huge role in digital marketing .

So, your desire to start a YouTube channel is valid. You will only have to bring your best to the game as competition on the platform is stiff these days.

Whether you are a vlogger, business, brand or slay queen who wants to share their day to day life on the video sharing platform, you need to be armed with the basic information needed to successfully run your YouTube channel.


The camera is probably the most important equipment you need to start a YouTube channel. But depending on your reason for starting, your phone or laptop camera may suffice (particularly if you are a slay queen). However, if you are vlogger or businessowner,  you should consider getting a DSLR for videos that are more professional.

Thankfully, with the quality of the latest Smartphones, you might want to consider using them as a vlogger.  But it’s important to note that the quality and range of any video recorded by a Smartphone cannot be compared with that of a professional video camera like the DSLR.

In addition to a camera, you need a microphone if you are working with the professional cameras like the DSLR. Your smartphone or computer, however, already have microphones installed in them.

To boost the quality of  your videos, make adequate provisions for lighting and a tripod when using the professional camera . Smartphones, on the other hand,  have inbuilt flash lights but might still need to stay in a place with good lighting.

Video and Audio Editor

Editing your video and audio after recording them is very important. Having high quality content on your channel  can attract viewers especially, if you recorded using a professional camera.

You can use video editors like filmora, camtasia, videoscribe and many others to edit your videos so it comes out very nice and can attract the over 30 million visitors who visit YouTube daily. Audio editors like Adobe Audition or Audacity can be used to clear your audio of any noise during recording.


The computer or Smartphone is a very important equipment required to successfully run a YouTube channel. This is needed in accessing the video sharing website, YouTube, where your videos will be uploaded.

Quality and Fresh Content

Your content is the most important factor in ensuring the success of your YouTube channel. Using a professional camera with a microphone and tripod with good lighting will get you a good video, but if the quality of your content is not top notch, your channel will not be visited.

The content you present to your viewers can be the most powerful tool you have to build relationships with your viewers. While the overall appearance and quality of your video is important, the content you include is crucial.

Armed with this information, you can now proceed to creating a successful YouTube channel!


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