5 Must-Have Apps for Busy Mothers


Mothers are probably the busiest people on earth. Now, imagine having to combine mothering duties with holding down a regular job or business–nothing could be more tasking.  Thankfully, though, employing technology into daily routines can help make the lives of mothers more simple and productive.

Technology has provided super busy mothers with apps that can help them do everything; from locking down a last-minute sitter to quickly ordering grocery online and having it delivered almost immediately.

Go to Bed

For extremely busy mothers, bedtime is very important because taking the time to rest will go a long way in making their day productive. Go to Bed is a simple but effective app that makes this easy, as it regulates sleep patterns. All you need is to give it your age,  yours and the children’s wake up time, and voila! The app reminds you of when you should start preparing for bed.

Go to Bed App

Think of it like the gentle nudge parents give their kids when it’s bedtime. The Bed is not only easy to use, it tracks your sleep, and sends you reminders. Go to Bed will simply send push notifications to you when it’s your bedtime.

Jumia one App

The Jumia one app lets you make payments and access all Jumia services. The app is a one-stop shop where people can fulfill your daily needs or payments online on a single  app. The app will allow mothers do their shopping and pay all their bills without leaving the house.

Extremely busy mothers need this app to effectively manage their time and productively multitask on a lot of things and get good results.

Google Keep

Due to their busy schedules and daily workload, mothers tend to forget important things. Fortunately, Google Keep App proves very helpful in tackling this.  The app lets you quickly capture what’s on your mind and sends a reminder later at the right place or time.

You can speak a voice memo on the go and have it automatically transcribed. Grab a photo of a poster, receipt or document and easily organize or find it later in search. Google Keep makes it easy for busy mothers to capture a thought or list easily without using a pen.


Headspace helps you to meditate for 10 minutes a day. It’s designed to help people overcome stress, anxiety and ultimately, become calmer.

With just ten sessions, perfect to squeeze in during nap time, the app will help mothers calm down and not get tensed in the midst of all they have to do.


Fitbit can motivate mothers to reach their health and fitness goals by tracking their activities, exercise, sleep, as well as manage their weight by keeping track of the food they eat. If you’re hoping to shift a bit of baby weight, then it’s a great way to lose a few pounds in a sensible way. It will also help busy mothers stop reaching for quick-fix sugar hits after a less-than-good night’s sleep.

The app calculates how many calories you need based on your height, weight, gender and lifestyle. It then allows you to count the calories you consume during the day using a huge database of foods and recipes.


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