Non-Creepy Ways to Surf the Web Anonymously


Every Internet user has an online identity called an IP address; whether you are accessing the internet from your phone or computer, your online identity is the unique IP address allocated to you. So, to surf anonymously, you will need to put a buffer between you and the website you plan to visit. This will allow you to view information without being tracked.

This may come off as encouraging criminals to act without hindrance. Of course, there’s some truth to it… but many people who surf the Internet value their privacy and would rather avoid having their activities tracked by ubiquitous websites that collect data from users. Whatever your reasons for not wanting to be noticed online, you can achieve that without breaking a sweat.

We will be sharing with you 4 non-creepy ways to surf the net without being noticed.

Privacy settings

Always check the privacy settings of your browser if  you want to surf the Internet without being noticed.

You can also delete information from your browsing activity; clear your browsing data, history, cookies, or saved passwords,.

Browsing with a Proxy Server

Proxy servers will help you conceal your identity online by retrieving web pages for you. They hide your unique IP address and other important browsing information, so the remote server does not see your information but sees the proxy server’s information instead.

In using proxy server, you will need to navigate to the proxy site, enter the URL you’d like to visit anonymously, and you’ll be able to surf leaving virtually no trace that you were ever there.


This website lets you browse the web anonymously, hiding your identity. It offer a free web proxy service which allows you to browse the web and protect your identity from the sites you browse.

Your requests will appear to be coming from the Guardster servers so third parties cannot find you, including providing support for JavaScript and cookies. Note that encrypted SSL sites will not work with the free service.


This is a web extension that is installed on your browser and shields your online identity and gives you the option of changing your IP address and your location.


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