Security Hacks: How to Use Your iPhone as a Security Camera


Security, in a country like ours, is often a challenge because and could be very expensive too. This is one reason why setting up a security camera in your home should not be undermined.  Of course, it comes at a cost, especially if you intend monitoring more than one spot in your home. But why spend thousands of naira on security cameras when you can get the same capabilities in that old  iPhone of yours?

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Currently the trendy brand of smartphones, iPhones can do more than just entertainment and style for you. With some setup put in place, you can turn your old iPhone into a security camera for your house or business. Although not a full-featured security system, with the right app (free or paid) installed on an old iPhone and on your new iPhone, you can set up a DIY security system that would live stream anything happening in your house and even deliver motion detection alerts.

Is there an old iPhone collecting dust in your room?  Here’s how to get your security camera set up with your iPhone!

Get the Right App

The whole “there’s an app for that!” philosophy has extended to security apps too. In fact, there are security camera apps that can be downloaded on your iPhone to turn it into a security camera to be used indoors – or even outdoors, as the case may be.

You would need to choose the right one for you; most apps offer up many cool features, such as local streaming, cloud streaming, recording and storing footage locally or remotely, and motion detection and alerts. While some of these apps are free, some others need to be paid for.  Some examples of security cameras you can check out are Alfred, Manything, Presence, and AtHome Video Streamer.

Set-up Your Security Camera

Once you have the app, setting up your security camera becomes very easy. Most of the apps allow you to live-stream happenings to your current phone. They also have options for saving the footage online or locally. With apps like Alfred and Presence, you can turn the LED flash on and off.

With these apps you can specify your motion detection sensitivity (this is to ensure the kind of acts that would set up the alarm). You can as well enable a low-light feature and A passcode lock on your camera. All these and many more are offered by the security apps. So, you only need to set them up the way you want.

Once you install the app for turning your old iPhone into a security camera, you would also need to do same on your current iPhone. The chosen app will walk you through the setup to link the phones to an account and then you can view your DIY smart security camera from anywhere.

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Position Your Security Camera

After setting up it up, you would need to position your security camera strategically to maximize coverage. You may want it focused on the main entry point to your home, your backyard, or anywhere that might be particularly vulnerable. Also, if you have multiple iPhones laying around, you can set up multiple cameras for fairly robust video coverage. However, if this is not the case, you can get an additional lens on your iPhone to record a wider area with one phone.

To set up in a good recording location, you may also need to get a mount or a tripod for your iPhone. Alternatively, you can try setting it up in a dry small mug or cup to stand it up if a mount isn’t available. Additionally, ensure it is connected to WiFi as well as to power to avoid having a footage blackout.

With the above tips in place, you can now ensure not just the security of your home (which should be your major concern), but also put to use that old iPhone gathering dust.

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