The Bible Game: Saving Souls and Testing Your Knowledge of the Scriptures

bible game

Designed to help you relax while testing your knowledge of The Bible, the Bible Game: Saints and Sinners, takes you on a jolly good ride with momentum gathered from each level moving you forward.

With this app, you have no feeling of you playing a game. Instead, the focus is on saving lost souls and getting them to the sanctification area while avoiding the challenger through 40 action-packed levels.

How Exactly Does it Work?

You gain special rewards and proceed from one level to another by answering correctly, bible questions from the challenger. A wrong answer to the challenger’s question might be game over for you.

The special rewards earned from each level can be used to visit the shop where you can buy superpowers like ice sandals which let you walk on scorched grounds, teleport which moves you to the other side of the map, challenger pause which lets you pause challenger for five minutes, Soul locator which gives you direction to lost souls, and several other items that can be purchased in the shop.

The Challenger steals lost souls, scorching the ground around him, trying as much as possible to thwart your mission of saving as many souls as you can with the clock ticking, you also have to find the 5 hidden objects on each level before time runs out.

No two levels feel quite the same, thanks to the ever-shifting goals and random Bible questions from the Challenger. The game also comes with excellent sound to help you enjoy the feeling and an option to turn it off.


Depending on how you like your games (fast or slow) this bug might not be noticed, the game is rather slow most especially the movement of the soul winner, We understand that this was detected in the previous version and fixed in this updated version but we still feel the speed is still slow and should be worked on to make the experience more enjoyable in the next version.

The soul winner needs to keep the souls in his circle for them to move making the game a bit complex to understand and play.

About the Developers of the App

The Bible GameSaints and Sinners” are the first of its kind in the board game industry in Nigeria. It is the first Nigerian-manufactured board game that teaches you about works well for family get-togethers, hang outs with friends, and church gatherings.

With excellently articulated graphics and ease of use, the Bible Man Game was developed by Bestman Games Digital, a major player in the game industry in Nigeria having developed board games like monopoly.

The Bible Game: Saint and Sinners version 1.4 is available in the google play store with a 4.7 rating and in-app purchases of ₦495.00 – ₦10,000.00 per item. It runs on Android 4.1 and other latest version of the Android operating system.

In summary, the game is neither a total hit nor a total miss. Simply download it,  try it out, and share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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