Interested in Landing a Foreign Job as a Software Developer? forLoopAfrica Provides the Answer!


Being a Developer is one of the best jobs to get right now. Imagine having to work on cool stuff, use technologies that most people do not know about, and make an impact in the technology industry. Cool, right?

Well, it really sucks when you’re highly skilled but there are no avenues to showcase these skills. People tell you to try out some projects on GitHub while you wait. Yet, even that does not guarantee career fulfilment.

Have you ever come across job ads on StackOverflow or LinkedIn and gotten excited? Perhaps you felt like, “finally, this one is mine,” but sadly, after turning in your application, you get turned down for no good reason. You think to yourself, “I’m qualified, so what’s the problem?”

It becomes even more frustrating when you see your Developer friends “making a killing” online and doing jobs you could get done without breaking a sweat. And so, if the question on your mind is, “How can I get a foreign job as a Nigerian?” Well, there’s a magic formula that takes Prosper Otemuyiwa, Neo Ighodaro, and others all over the world!

Let’s show you how easy it is to land a foreign job as a Software Developer.

forLoopAfrica, one of Africa’s foremost Developer communities, is starting a new web series that will answer all your questions about getting foreign jobs.

The web series gives followers the chance to get firsthand knowledge on the nitty-gritty of remote working. The series is going to be broken down into several parts. The first part of the series is titled “Demystifying the process of getting a foreign job as a software developer or designer.” It is scheduled to hold on May 26, 2018.

At the event, followers will get to hear some very popular Developers share their thoughts on the topic. The speakers include Ire Aderinokun, a Software Developer and Google Expert in Web Tech, Kene Udeze; a UX Designer and Google Developer Expert, Lynda Chiwetelu; and a Web and Mobile Software Developer, Christian Nwamba.

To participate in the series, you’ll need to sign up on the Slack group.

For anyone interested in remote working, here’s your shot!

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