Get 24/7 Access to Teachers, Guidance and Counsellors with the E-LEARNING.NG Mobile App


E-LEARNING.NG is an exciting mobile app designed to give students 24/7 access to seasoned teachers, guidance and counseling, mentorship, audio and video lesson notes.

The app also offers live interactive classes with teachers and other students on their mobile devices to learn the various subjects offered in schools; and a channel for skill acquisition and other social channels like Sports, gist etc.

According to the developers, I.C.T is dominating the globe and students should be able to access easier and smarter ways to learn with “Excellence as the goal”. The app creates a community where a student can have access to quality education at any time of the day without any form of limitation, 24 hours hours a day and get their academic challenges solved.

E-LEARNING.NG has an offline and online videos/audio/lesson notes in line with NERDC Curriculum, which enables students to learn on the go with as low as N500 monthly lesson fee.

The  app accesses the child continually on every topic, thereby, allowing the child to have fully-understood a topic with the aid of a teacher on standby to guide, when needed.

Developed by Fusion Mobile Nigeria Limited, the app comes with an e-library that would help you study ahead of your peers and also subscribe to channels of your choice. Each channel is managed by professionals in that field. It also comes with learning tools such as revision quizzes and games from the major examination bodies in the country.

The school portal feature manages the academic records of the pupil/student on mobile or laptop and automatically collates results for students.

The app can be used by both schools to manage students remotely and by teachers to help  get rid of  lesson notes and lesson plans, and also student to help them stay ahead of their peers.

Features of the App:

· Live Interactive classes

· Mentorship

· Guidance and counselling

· Videos/Audios/Lesson notes (In line with NERDC curriculum)

· Online mock exams

· Termly Report cards

· Educational games

· Videos and audio solved past questions (WAEC/JAMB) etc.

· Skill acquisition channel for entrepreneurs.

Last updated May 2018, the version 2.1 of the app has over a hundred download and requires android version 4.1 and above to install. Rated 3+ for contents on google play store.

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