Movie Review: Acrimony Haunts You Emotionally, Leaves You Confused


Acrimony is indeed that kind of movie that sets out to haunt you emotionally from its first scene, then midway, it adds mental confusion to the disorder it has stirred in your system. The reason for this is simple –‘Acrimony’ touches on themes that most define us as humans.

For some reason beyond my knowledge, one wonders why the movie seems to have taken quite a while to blossom after its initial release date. Perhaps we were all still basking in the euphoria of those earlier movies that had great use of technology, practically blowing our minds away.

However, after the whole tech fever died, we began to seek the human angle and that is when we stumbled on Tyler Perry’s Acrimony.

As with many movies, there will always be those who judge the script from the reputation of the director or the production house. So one is bound to hear claims like, ‘ it is yet another Tyler Perry collection that features feminine rage’. I feel for this reason alone, Acrimony was scored low on some sites, but I think the points within were missed.

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In Acrimony, I do agree that there is not so much to look out for as regards fatal fantasy. However, this move shows beyond reasonable doubt that sometimes, reality can actually be stranger than fiction. That the script is believable and can find its varied interpretations in our different lives, is the victory for Tyler Perry’s acrimony.

Beyond the emotional trauma that Taraji P. Henson makes us share with her as she faithfully supports a seemingly devious husband, Lyriq Bent, there are the soul-troubling questions each of us asks as our human nature seeks to take sides and lay blames.

Acrimony is a movie that seeks to question so much what we go through daily, the little things we seem not to pay much attention to, the very things that begin to haunt us and threaten our fragile peace, our tender love, shattered dreams and buried hopes.

In seeing the movie Acrimony, we begin to question, again, the basis upon which most of our societies operate. We begin to engage dialogue on the issue of race and the place of certain individuals within the society. Acrimony successfully drives us to renegotiate the boundaries that exist between love and self, we begin to question the point of letting go, the threshold of pain and the nodal at which insanity begins to creep in.

Tyler Perry’s Acrimony may not have grossed-out the highest earnings but the movie which is set with a budget of 20 million dollars, made 43.6 million dollars at the box office. Not bad at all.

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A movie like this is one for couples, especially young couples who are just starting out but it would also help older couples on the brink of dissolution.

Help, not in the sense that it would save marriages from collapsing, but will help different individuals think through life again and re-examine their relationships with their spouses before making the crucial decisions of whether to be or not to be.

As for me, I am trying really hard not to point an accusing finger as to who is to be blamed for the tragedy that shrouds this tale.

I am asking myself how could it have been done better, what could have been done away with, when was the best time to make some moves, how long is too long to wait for the actualization of a dream, and how much is a dream worth?

I will leave you to battle the questions that this lovely movie evokes after you must have seen it. Maybe in seeking answers to these questions, you too will find the true value of Acrimony. I must warn, though: Do not hold on too tight to the pain; unburden your mind from the confusion that this plot sets in motion.

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