Employment Opportunity: Nigerian Youths can Cashout Big Time by Becoming NIPOST’s AVS Field Agents

Nigerian Youths can Cashout Big Time by Becoming NIPOST's AVS Field Agents

The Nigerian Postal Service has been making radical changes to how it operates. And their latest effort is a tech-driven approach that helps it reach critical service objectives by outsourcing some jobs to everyday Nigerian youths. In other words, millions of youths can get paid for doing mundane tasks for NIPOST.

Here’s what I mean.

Last week the government-owned company announced a new set of tech-driven products that aim to make the companies logistical operations more technologically robust. These products include NIPOST Digital Addressing System, Address Verification System and an E-Commerce API.

Now the digital addressing system is like a database cataloguing verified addresses all across the country. The system also allocates unique digital codes to verified houses. And the E-Commerce API allows third-party services to interface with NIPOST to facilitate.

But the Address Verification System (AVS) is where the youths come.


NIPOST aims to verify millions of homes in Nigeria store them in its central database. But due to logistical issues, ironically, the company cannot possibly verify the millions of homes in the country. The company lacks the manpower and other resources to do this by itself.

Instead, NIPOST is outsourcing address verification to Nigerian youths.

It’s quite simple. With just a basic smartphone, unemployed youths anywhere in the country can verify addresses for NIPOST and get paid.


Candidates looking to get verified pay N1,000 to NIPOST and NIPOST, in turn, pays AVS Field Agents, 25% of this sum for each address verified.

So imagine verifying 500 homes in a month, you’ll make N125,000!  And there are thousands of homes to be verified in literally every location in the country.

Interested youths can signup to become AVS Field Agents by visiting verify.nipost.gov.ng. You’ll also need to download the app and register.

How Does  AVS Verification Work?

Like other sharing and Uber-like services, work starts when you see a new task on your smartphone. You can either choose to accept or decline the task. If accepted, the task gets added to your to-do list for the day. Once added, you can view extra details of the task.

Of course, you don’t have to start the task right away. But when you are ready to begin, however, you click the “start” button for the task. When you start a task, more details to take note of will come for the task. These include the location of the house, images and your signature.

After you have successfully verified an address, you, and not the homeowner, will need to write your signature on the app. You will also need to add geolocation information for the address as well as images. Once all these are set, you can click the “verify” button to complete the process.

However, if you cannot successfully verify that the candidate resides at the address, you can click the “not verified” button on the app. And congratulations, you’ve successfully completed a task for NIPOST.

Meanwhile, you can complete more than one task per day for NIPOST. All you have to do is check your to-do list for the day to see what’s available. You can also check to see tasks that need to be done at a later date, like tomorrow or next week.

It’s that simple.

Simple Idea Huge Potentials

NIPOST’s Address Verification System and the opportunities it has for youths is no propaganda though. It has already been recognised internationally as an interesting “cash cow”, literally, for Nigerian youths.

It won three awards from the United Nations, International Telecommunications Union, and World Summit on Information Society. These recognitions came in the category of creating e-employment by leveraging technology.

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