Meet Sanify, the Edtech Startup Disrupting Data Computation and Analysis for Schools


Innovative startups keep springing up and changing the way we live and work. One sector that has received a fair amount of such startups is the Edtech sector, with a lot of startups working to replace or supplement the traditional educational systems. One of such disruptive startups is Sanify, a performance analysis and result processing startup.

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Managing students gradebooks, assignments, and compiling report cards can prove grueling for a teacher. In some situations, they take the teacher’s attention away from discharging his/her duties as expected or even lead to mistakes. But what if there was a solution that could perform all these providing teachers and parents with students/child(ren) and school termly performance?

This is where Sanify comes in!

With Sanify, School Data Compilation is Made Easy

Developed by Bytecorp, an IT company, Sanify (formerly known as Sani by Bytecorp) is a big data processing company for the education sector. The startup is targeted at providing result computation, report generation and data analysis for schools, aiding teachers with real-time performance results of students, and easing them of result compilation stress.

Schools do not need to bother about the grading scheme that is being used as they can specify their own unique grade pattern as it becomes seemlessly integrated with all their records. And in addition to this, parents can also get the full report of their child(ren)’s performances whenever they deem it fit.

This simply means Sanify helps you “take care of the HARDWORK while you focus on the SMARTWORK.”

Sanify's Friendly Interface
Sanify’s Friendly Interface

Beyond data compilation, Sanify also awards student for their outstanding performances at the end of the term as a way of encouraging them to work harder. All these it offers using a subscription model:

  • Starter (1,499 Naira per student/term),
  • Standard (1,599 Naira per student/term),
  • Ultima (1,799 Naira per student/term),
  • and Premium (1,999 Naira per student/term)

Schools only need to set up their Sanify accounts in 4 simple steps: Register your School, Setup grade scheme for proper integration, Create classes, Add subjects offered by the school, and their Sanify account is created.

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