Stella Adadevoh and Stephen Keshi Are the Two Nigerian Heroes Honoured with the Google Doodles in 2018

Meet Keshi and Adadevoh; Two Nigerian Heroes Honoured with Google Doodles in 2018

Google Doodles are an interesting part of the Internet these days. They are special and temporary alterations of the Google Logo on the search homepage and results pages. Doodles are designed to celebrate important events, individuals or holidays.

Google Doodles are a global phenomenon and everyday, events and individuals honoured by Google Doodle are shown to all users.

Over the past few years, Google Doodle has honoured a few interesting Nigerian personalities like Chinua Achebe and Flora Nwapa. It also honours the country’s independence day.

In 2018, this trend has continued. Here are two Google Doodles created to honour Nigerian heroes so far in 2018.

Stephen Keshi

On January 23, 2018, Google Doodles posthumously honoured Nigerian football legend Stephen Keshi on his 56th birthday.

The honour was duly cherished by the Nigerian community as Keshi was both an icon for his football career and later as the Senior National Team’s head coach.

Born on January 23, 1962, Keshi helped Nigeria to claim two African Cup of Nations championships as both a player and later a head coach. When he managed the Nigerian Super Eagles to win the Afcon title in 2013, he became only the second person ever to win the title both as a player and coach.

He also helped Nigeria to reach the second round of the FIFA World Cup, also as both player and coach.

His exploits as manager helped to give the nation some reprieve during the harsh periods in the country’s history.

Google Doodles honoured Keshi with a drawing of him in his famous Number 4 jersey.

Stella Adadevoh

Ameyo Stella Adadevoh is one hero many Nigerians were slowly forgetting until Google Doodles reminded us of her legacy once again. Born 27 October, 1956, Stella Adadevoh was a doctor who helped to halt the spread of the incurable Ebola virus when it hit Nigeria in 2014.

Before then, there had never been a case of Ebola in Nigeria. However, the arrival of a Liberian attorney for a conference in Nigeria exposed the country to its first major Ebola incident. The Liberian had collapsed at the Lagos airport but was misdiagnosed with Malaria.

But thanks to Dr Adadevoh’s meticulous instincts, the patient was found to be infected with the Ebola virus. She was put under serious pressure by the Liberian government to free the patient and allow him attend the conference. But she resisted the pressure. Her early detection of the virus and steadfastness helped to reduce the spread of the disease in Nigeria. She and her colleagues discovered more Ebola patients during that time and began to treat them.

Unfortunately, she also contracted the virus while treating patients. She died in August 2014.

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