What is a Smart TV and Do We Really Need it in Nigeria?

What is a Smart TV and We Really Need it in Nigeria?

Over the past several years, technology has been transforming lives and causing disruptions in how we use products. From cars, toys, sound systems to even gaming, technology has changed how we understand them. Television is the latest area currently witnessing huge disruptions thanks to Smart TV. But for us in Nigeria, Do we need the current Smart TVs now?

What Are Smart TVs?

A Smart TV is basically, internet enabled television set. A Smart TV is a digital television that comes with access to the internet and storage space in addition to regular TV capabilities.

Due to its high level sophistication, many Smart TVs come with their own operating systems, similar to smartphones. These TVs have interfaces, can stream contents and they can install apps. And if you want, you can even browse websites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Netflix, even Twitter. Some Smart TVs even allow users project from their smartphones or use voice control.

Should You Buy A Smart TV?

Smart TV brings a whole new experience to your TV viewing experience. You get to enjoy contents you already experience on your smartphone, but with a much larger display and functionality.

It sounds quite innovative right? And it could actually be fun to own right?

But if you are in Nigeria, you might want to slow down. Here’s why.

Smart TVs Are Very Expensive

For Nigerians, Smart TVs are just way too overpriced. Looking at Konga and Jumia, I discovered that only few Smart TVs sell for less than N300,000. Many of these TVs are being sold for as high as N1 million and some as high as N3.4 million. Meanwhile,you can probably purchase an impressive 4K TV without Internet access for less than N150,000 and enjoy your experience. Why dole so much money on Smart TV?

Smart TV Offers Almost The Same Features as Laptops and Smartphones

Smart TV comes with a handful of features, but in reality, their features are similar to smartphones and laptops. For instance, streaming content can be done on laptops or a smartphone. Likewise, the crisp perfect TV viewing quality can be gotten on TV devices that are much cheaper and not internet enabled.


Would you spend so much as N500,000 just to watch Netflix contents you already have access to with your phone?

Smart TVs can be Hacked

Like all things internet-enabled, Smart TVs can equally be hacked. This is because the SmartTV technology is still only emerging. It’s not a perfect art. Unlike phones and laptops that have sophisticated firmwares, softwares, and security, Smart TV is still building out its technology. And if a hack occurs, users are vulnerable in multiple ways. The most important is that a hacker can get access to the devices camera to spy on users.

So if you are considering buying a Smart TV anytime soon, just be careful and know what you are doing.

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