Budding Nigerian Innovator, Oluwatobi Akinpelu Develops History Learning App, Gingered


After noticing that many millennials barely know anything about historical events, Oluwatobi Akinpelu, a self taught developer had taken it upon himself to create a platform that brings history to your mobile phones.

Called Gingered, the application educates users on history using a “Today in History” model. The historical events sometimes date as far back as 700AD. The app also dates the birthdays and various achievements of prominent personalities around the world. So imagine opening the app and getting educated that Youtube was launched on 14 February, 14 years ago. Or that the Australian footballer and coach, Grant Thomas was born on this day. Cool right?

The app shows recent history alongside birth dates of prominent personalities

As an experienced developer, Oluwatobi believes that a right balance between historical and current knowledge helps people to better prepare for the future. Hence the creation of Gingered.

“I noticed lots of young people know the trends of today, but ask them historical questions – they have little to no knowledge about things of the past. There is an adage that says – to know where you are going, you need to know where you are coming from and the rightful combination of historical and current knowledge gives better insights of what the future may bring. So because for me I believe in creativity, I wanted to channel this through providing value in a from easily accessible to people – and the best way to do that is though mobile phones “

Oluwatobi Akinpelu

Asides history, the app also uses a podcasts to educate users on current trends shaping the world. This covers different areas including Business, Travel, Health and Fitness, Software and Programming as well as Education and Language.

Additionally, it enables users to document their own stories. Thus, users can record their daily/weekly activities in a diary format. When users save a story on Gingered, it is encrypted using an algorithm that ensures only the writer can read it.

Gingered could also serve as a diary that is easy to use and secure

The platform is built with adequate servers and is stable enough to handle 2 million users at once. It is also not monetary and Oluwatobi doesn’t have any plan of making it so. Going forward, the developer hopes to update the app periodically to meet users’ needs and feedbacks.

Currently working as a developer at Agritech startup, Farmcrowdy, this is Oluwatobi’s 3rd project yet. Asides Gingered, he has also created MavenStickers, Nigeria’s number one WhatsApp sticker app and Peppercolor, a color picker for graphics designers and developers. He currently has two projects he is working on that are still in the development and research stages.

Gingered is currently available here on the Google Android Playstore and Apple iOS.

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