Can a Local Technology Company Disrupt Nigeria’s Advertising Space?

Local Tech Company AdsMyWay Set to Disrupt Nigeria’s Advertising Space
AdsMyWay is ready to Change the face of online Advertising in Nigeria 

People-based retargeting: a new way of targeting an audience for your product and services. More precision it claims, more effectiveness they insist, the future of advertising they predict.

The Lagos-based technology company reiterates its objective to serve as an engine for growth to small, medium and large businesses, using its people-based retargeting program.

AdsMyWay is the brainchild of Kayode Aladesuyi, Chairman BBGN&K LLC, a US-based tech firm and a member of the highly influential US-based business group, Nigerian American Business Forum (NABF).

The company developed and built its own proprietary ad-serving algorithm and plan to introduce people-based retargeting to help companies achieve higher conversion ratio to grow revenue. It is by no means abandoning cookie-based retargeting, it has been effective but we will help businesses see greater value in advertising.

People-based retargeting is more effective, it justifies ROI in advertising and leads to more successful businesses while improving the economy.

It uses other identifiers rather than IP-based cookies, to retarget audiences across the platform from desktop to mobile which bridges the gap that exists in cookie-based retargeting.

AdsMyWay program retargets audiences on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google’s paid and organic search results. The company claims to be partnering with some of Nigeria’s largest online publishers such as New Telegraph Newspaper, Daily Trust, Sound City and several other online entertainment and business publishers.

The Founder of Adsmyway, Kayode Aladesuyi, believes that online advertising has the capacity to turn the fortune of businesses around. 

“We are powering local publishers and monetizing content, allowing businesses to reach much deeper into the community and audience. Local content providers with interesting and audience-driven content will get our attention; they will grow, and create jobs across the entire business spectrum.”

Kayode Aladesuyi, Founder, Adsmyway

The company is removing the artificial barrier to advertising by removing the myth that only large and wealthy businesses can advertise. It has launched a program that allows small businesses to start Ad campaigns on low budgets; it accepts naira and other local forms of payment.

The president of Nigerian American Business Forum (NABF), Kenneth Shobola, in his goodwill message argues that disruption has been proven to go beyond any region of the world. The NABF strongly support this initiative as a contribution to the economy and encourages businesses looking to advertise to consider AdsMyWay platform.

The advertising space in Nigeria is one that can get disrupted. The market size and audience beg for disruption and innovation. For more information visit:

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