Tired of Chatty Drivers? Uber Quiet Mode Feature Can Help you Reduce Conversations with Drivers


Taking a ride with Uber is a cool way to navigate Lagos and Abuja. But there’s one thing many users hate: having a chatty driver. Good news for you. Uber Quiet Mode is a cool new feature that allows you minimize conversations during your rides.

The new feature allows users select options like “Quiet Preferred”, “happy to chat” or “No Preference” when booking rides. Uber Quiet Mode is part of new premium features the company is rolling out soon.

Tired of Chatty Drivers? Uber Quiet Mode Helps Reduce Conversations With Drivers

For now, Quiet Mode is available only for users in the US and there is no plan for a global rollout just yet. Nevertheless, the feature could be huge if it debuts in Nigeria.

Since debuting in Nigeria, navigating in an Uber has become classy and quite convenient. But the communal nature of the Nigerian society means users have to deal with chatty drivers. Because many users will rather ride in peace, chatty drivers are quickly becoming an issue for passengers.

Particularly in Lagos chatty drivers try to force conversations on their passengers. Sometimes they eventually hit out a rapport. But many times, these forced conversations are quite awkward and usually sees quite a lot of insensitive opinions and unpopular views about issues ranging from politics, gender, ethnicity and even the economy.

Insensitive comments by drivers could provoke passengers, leading to arguments and even fights.

Aside these, there are even more outrageous issues caused by chatty drivers.

For instance, in December, a crazy incident occurred simply because an Uber passenger did not greet the driver when she entered the car. The chatty driver felt offended and dragged the issue with the passenger for much of the ride. The issue caused quite a commotion when videos of the incident hit social media.


There’s also the famous “I am a graduate” type of drivers. These folks waste no time trying to prove their intelligence to passengers for no apparent reason except maybe to soothe their egos. Such drivers usually like to inform passengers about their job struggles and how driving for Uber is only a last resort. As much as many people have sympathy for their plights, many passengers would rather not have such conversations.

But the Nigerian society is a pretty traditional one where greetings and conversations are valued especially by the older folks.

Some people will consider it rude not to talk.

Yet it is millennials and the cosmopolitan folks who really use Uber and other ride hailing services. These folks have different views on culture and to them, not conversing in Uber rides should not be considered rude or offensive.

Many will value the ability to say this to chatty drivers without coming off as rude. Uber Quiet Mode feature will therefore come in very handy.

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