Gokada’s New CSR Service, G-Medic, to Provide First Aid Treatment to Accident Victims


Nigerian bike-hailing service, Gokada, has introduced a rapid response service called G-Medic. The service is aimed at providing first aid treatment to accident victims before being transferred to a hospital for full medical attention.

The new service is said to be a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity by the startup, hence it is totally free.

Launched 2 years ago, Gokada has gone on to record massive success as regards its ride-hailing service, securing around 1000 bikes and completing 5000 trips per day. And now, this first aid service by the startup will go a long way in augmenting the services provided by the Lagos State Rapid Response Squad.

This is because Rapid response in Lagos is still faced with problems including that of traffic gridlock across the state. But since G-Medic will most likely be a bike service (like Gokada), this will mean that it will have a better chance at moving through traffic faster to get to accident victims.

Gokada's New CSR Service, G-Medic, to Provide First Ai to Accident Victims
A Lagos State Rapid Response Van

The idea, however laudable, is still a bit vague. According to reports, Gokada says that the first responders will receive a Red Cross training. This means that they are most likely normal riders, and should this be the case, there would definitely be limits to the kind of emergencies they can handle. So that beckons the question of what kind of emergencies would be handled by this new service.

It is also unclear if the service would include G-Medic bikers transporting victims to the hospital which, due to the nature of some emergencies (Bone, spine injuries…), may not be the best. It will be good to know if Gokada does have plans to partner with existing emergency ambulance services for transportation in such cases as well as handling of certain emergencies that would need an ambulance to manage.

Technext tried reaching out to Gokada for clarifications but are yet to receive any as at the time of reporting.

Since the announcement of the G-Medic service, many online users have taken to twitter to laud the new service.

While some others are calling on the startup to clarify how the service would work.

However, this move has gone on to show that the startup is not merely interested in making some money off Nigerians but also have a lot of value for human life.

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