Newbie Kwik Delivery Wants to Revamp On-Demand Dispatch Services in Nigeria with Launch of Kwikriders

Kwik Delivery comes to Lagos, Nigeria
Kwik Delivery comes to Lagos

Kwik delivery has launched the beta version of its services in Lagos with the release of its Kwikriders after 9 months of intensive operations planning and software development.

Propped with a brand new US$350,000 investment, Kwik Delivery wants to penetrate the Nigerian market with Lagos as its entry point and then later spread to other sub-Saharan African markets.

Kwik Delivery comes on the heels of Uber, ORide, Gokada, Bolt and the likes who offer delivery services as well and have been in the market for long.

However, the founder of Kwik Delivery who is also the CEO Africa Delivery Technologies SAS, Romain Poirot-Lellig has expatiated on the model of Kwik Delivery which differentiates from other delivery systems.

Our model is quite different from existing companies: we are an asset-light company and we enroll the Kwiksters – our delivery partners – much like Uber is enrolling drivers. We provide them with equipment, training, financial services, technology and incentives – as well as with a clear set of rules that we strictly enforce.

Romain Poirot-Lellig

The delivery company operates a point-to-point delivery system by harnessing technology. This means that users can track the movement of their parcels from takeoff to delivery. This gives users of Kwik Delivery ease of mind as well as boosts their confidence in the brand.

Kwik Delivery Service

Individuals or companies can set up a corporate or personal account to regulate and monitor their order. For companies, this is expected to reduce or eliminate the hassle of maintaining their delivery fleets and also takes away the added work of monitoring the packages and working with inexperienced or poorly trained drivers.

Kwik Delivery service

Kwik Delivery also hopes to get ahead of Gokada and the rest of the delivery service providers by liaising with payment platforms like Paga and Paystack in order to give their users payment options that better suit them. Users can also choose to have one-off deals, recurrent deals as well as arrange for their parcels to be delivered immediately or at a later time.

Parcels that can be delivered using Kwik Delivery range from documents, electronics to food and inedible shopping items.

To ensure that the users’ parcels have the maximum care possible, Kwik Delivery has limited the parcels that can be carried at once to 20kg, and without a passenger, to ensure the ‘kwikest’ and shortest delivery time possible.

Whether Kwik Delivery will be able to hold the Nigerian market and expand to sub-saharan Africa with all the benefits it wants to offer in its service remains to be seen.

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