Google Unveils New Pixel Smartphones, Laptops and More at its Made by Google 2019 Event


Google has showcased its newest hardware products at its Made by Google event yesterday. These new devices unveiled are meant to usher in the new era of ‘ambient computing’, combining both hardware and AI-powered softwares.

The new product line includes the latest version of the Pixel phones – Pixel 4. Devices like the Pixelbook Go, Pixel Buds and Nest mini were also announced at the event. Here’s a quick rundown:

Pixel 4

Definitely the headline product, the all new Google Pixel 4 was launched yesterday. The smartphone was not all that mysterious, at least when you talk about physical appearance. Pictures of the device had made the rounds on the internet before the official launch.

The new Pixel 4 device

Like the new trend with smartphones, the device came in two variables, the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. Both devices come with 6 GB of memory and up to 128 GB of storage – no microSD expansion, and no headphone jack. 

The Pixel 4 comes in 5.7 inch while the XL comes in 6.3 inch. The Pixel 4 has a meagre 2,800mAh battery cell and XL has a 3,700mAh battery. They also have the Pixel Neural Core that allows the phone perform complex AI operations like live transcription of speech.

The devices also come with the new motion-sensing Soli chip that lets it unlock using facial recognition and hand gestures for some operations.

What’s a Pixel without better Cameras? Both devices pack 2 rear cameras – 12MP Dual Pixel sensor and a 16MP telephoto lens, capable of achieving up to 8X zoom and a 8MP front facing camera. And these have been enhanced to improve the brightness, and sharpness of the picture as well as improve night photography and astrophotography.

The Pixel 4 comes at N288k ($799) and the Pixel 4 XL at N324k ($899). Shipment of the new phones will start on October 24.

PixelBook Go

For the first time, Google has introduced a budget friendly version of its Chrome-based Pixelbook laptop.

The new laptop is 13.3-inch, 1080p touchscreen display surrounded by bezels. The least version of the device is an Intel 8th Gen Core m3 processor and packs 8GB of RAM, 64GB of storage. The device also has two USB-C ports and it supports fast charging. The laptop will start at N234k ($649), with other versions costing as much as $1,399.

Other Devices Announced…

Google also takes on Apple airpods with the announcement of its pixelbuds. The small designed earbuds will offer five hours of battery life and will be priced at N64k ($179). However, you will need to wait till next year to be able to buy these little buddies.

Google also announced its new Nest Mini, a small smart speaker and substitute for its Home Mini speakers. The device comes with all the same Google Assistant capabilities at a N17k ($49) price.

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