Oyo State Government Begins Process of Verifying State Workers on Payroll – Here’s What People on the Street Think

On Twitter, Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State announced that his administration would begin to verify the workers who received payment from the state.

This morning on Twitter, Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State made an announcement that his administration would begin the process of verifying workers that receive payment from the State.

This is meant to address ghost workers who continue to receive payment for work no one is doing. A practice that has been ingrained at the state and federal levels of the country for years.

Makinde’s decision to have his administration take a stand against this was met with a lot of positive responses on social media. Technext decided to get a feel of the streets and hear what others have to say about the move and reactions were mixed.

Over a long period of time, that may be possible but not in the inmediate. That is because a lot of structural shift will be needed.

Emmanuel, Student in Oyo State

While many agreed that such a feat can be achieved in the state, others opined that it may not be so successful. According to them, this is because ghost workers are not the issue, the issue is system managers that input the names of these non-existent workers in order to take a percentage of their salary.

What causes “ghost workers” to thrive? It is those in charge of the system who allow people to “ghost” work for a percentage of their salary, or even include non-existent workers on the workers roll so they can use their salary and benefits.

Some go as far as hiring people to impersonate the ghost workers when some form of governmental inspection is to be done. That’s why I think verifying all the workers may be successful eventually, but after a long time.

Toye, Student of the University of Ibadan.

We also sought the opinion of those working with the Oyo State Government. One of the respondents who requested anonymity, explained that such a move was not only possible but also highly beneficial.

She said that if the governor’s team could work with the level of transparency and discipline required for this verification, it would go a long way in reducing unemployment in Oyo State.

He (Governor Seyi Makinde) can succeed with this. Those that need work will be able to get work and money will get where it should. The State needs this because we will even know that should retire that have not, so that our youths can find this employment after service.

Unidentified Oyo State worker

The opinion of the workers and citizens also bordered on identifying the reasons why people included ghost workers, or continued working past retirement age besides greed and selfishness.

Governor Seyi Makinde and members of his team

In the end, Nigerians agree that dealing with the reasons as well as optimising the system across the country will help reduce unemployment and yield a more efficient workforce.

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