SexTech, FuneralTech, WierdTech! Here are Some Crazy Innovations That Could Wow You or Bow You


Tech is indeed a very large sector, arguably one of the largest in the world. This is even more so because tech is intertwined with every other industry in order to keep the products and services relevant to their markets.

Yet, the tech sector is growing wider still as it keeps encompassing areas of endeavour you probably think it shouldn’t. So, from sextech to deathtech and even weirdtech, here are some crazy tech developments in recent times.

#1 Is this the best way to predict rainfall?

There are quite a number of startups now focusing on solving issues affecting the climate, so much so that Google launched a Cleantech accelerator for startups focusing on climate change.

A fantastic development from this sector is this very smart umbrella. According to its manufacturers, the umbrella goes beyond giving you shelter when it rains because it also has the capacity to tell you exactly when it is going to rain.

SexTech, DeathTech, WeirdTech! These Innovations Could Wow You or Bow You

If you are down with consulting an umbrella to tell you when it will rain, then this product is for you. But I warn you, you’ll have to carry it all the time so you don’t miss a memo.

#2 Sextech, Sexckathons and everything in between

Sex is arguably the most unpopular popular subject in Africa. This is probably why sextech isn’t big on the continent. But away from Africa, this tech subsector is so big, a Sextech hackathon was organised in Sydney, Australia in its honour.

Described in some quarters as the biggest business you’ve never heard of,
The Guardian reported that it is a “$30bn industry growing at 30% a year, potentially out-pacing high growth sectors like drone manufacturing.”

SexTech, DeathTech, WeirdTech! These Innovations Could Wow You or Bow You
Participants at the Sextech Hackathon, New York

Sextech hackathons, or sexckathons if you may, have been held in New York, Paris and London. They focus on apps that proffer easier and less x-rated methods of sex education, helping aged people enjoy satisfactory sexual lives and helping people with disabilities access sexual resources.

#3 DeathTech and funeraltech don’t want you to feel bad about the inevitable

Death is always a difficult topic to talk about and it isn’t any different here. But hey, it’s inevitable so we might as well talk about it, right? Deathtech and Funeraltech startups go a bit further and actually try to make you feel a bit better about such a finality by taking the stress away.

(left to right) Alistair Asher and Rod Bulmer, strategic advisers and investors; Sam Grice, founder and Andrew Weisz, financial director, Guardian Angel. (Image: Guardian Angel)

The immense importance of such an industry became evident after Guardian Angel, a UK-based deathtech startup launched its service and quickly became overwhelmed with a traffic of bereaved people. The startup has since raised 492,000 pounds in pre-seed funding and remains very alive despite its close relationship with, well, death.

#4 It couldn’t get any weirder than weirdtech

Let’s consider for instance this tech invention that enables anyone to smoke more than one cigarette in one round. The first question would be, why would anyone want to do that, right? Well, this innovation, adequately classified as weirdtech, is designed to make life easier for chain-smokers when they are carrying out their business.

It isn’t clear if this device is available yet or if it ever will. Heck, it could even be just an idea. But there’s a very fine line between an idea and actuality and if some minds are already thinking this,some hands are probably already working on it.

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