The New uLesson App is a Portable Classroom for Every Student, We Checked it Out and Here is How it Works


uLesson, a Nigerian Edtech platform founded by Sim Shagaya has finally launched today. The launch comes after 12 successful months of beta testing.

The education platform uses media and technology to create high-quality, affordable and accessible education content for African students.

Recently, the edtech startup secured a ₦1.1005 billion($3.1 million) seed funding from TLcom Capital to market its content in West Africa.

uLesson raised ₦1.1005 billion seed fund in TLcom

In Nigeria, about 10.5 million children are not in school and a significant percentage of those in school do not have access to standard education content. uLesson offers students access to quality educational content that will prepare them for Senior Secondary School Exams.

With the promise that students can experience holistic learning, I decided to review the uLesson android app. Here is what I discovered.

Using the uLesson app

The uLesson app is easily accessible on Playstore. It’s size is 36mb. Launching the app for the first time, students will have to register using their mobile number. They would then be required to confirm using a six-digit code sent via SMS.

uLesson Login page

The student can create a new account quickly and easily by inputting their names, emails and mobile number of a guardian.

Creating a new user on uLesson

The App offers contents on Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology

After creating an account, the app opens a landing page where students can select a class whose contents they want to view. For now, available classes are between SS1 and 3.

The page also shows tiles of major subjects like Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. These tiles serve as a links to available content on the app.

uLesson landing page

The landing page also has a short cut where students can quickly continue the lessons they have started.

uLesson has 977 lessons available

Selecting the ‘Mathematics’ tile took me to a subpage that displayed different chapters and lessons in mathematics. There was a total of 20 mathematics chapters comprising of 334 lessons.

Each lesson is short, ranging between 3-5 five minutes, This is to ensure that students don’t lose attention before a lesson is done. The lessons are also taught with the aid of pictures, graphics and animations. These make the topics understandable and interesting to the students.

uLesson has 334 mathematics lessons

After each lesson, the students are presented with a short quiz where they are tested on the topic taught. The app also gives them detailed solutions to quizes after it is taken.

The app displays random informative facts about the subject being learnt inbetweeen lessons.

uLesson on andriod

The App has 10 chapters with 191 lessons on Chemistry, 12 chapters and 300 lessons on Biology and 12 chapters and 152 lessons on physics.

Minimum Subscription of about ₦15,500

The Lessons under the first sub-topic of each chapter were free to access. However, a subscription is required to access all the content on the platform.

Subscription plans for uLesson

To unlock all the content, Students can either pay the ₦15,500 subscription plan for one term or the ₦29,500 subscription plan for one academic year (Three Terms).

Access to WAEC past question

The website says that the content on the uLesson app will prepare students for all senior secondary school exams including WAEC, JAMB and NECO.

However, I only found access to WAEC past questions on the platform. The app has more than six years of WAEC past question ranging from 2011 to 2018.

The past question is free and accessible through the ‘Practice WAEC Exams’ tile on the landing page. The practice exam varies from 40 to 50 questions and lasts for a duration of 60 mins.

The New uLesson App is a Portable Classroom for Every Student, We Checked it Out and Here is How it Works
WAEC past question

Learning Analysis

Apart from providing quality educational content for students, the uLesson app also provides access to insightful data and analytics about the progress of students.

Test Analysis

The learning analysis can be found on the menu of the app. It provides an overall performance ratio of students across all subjects as well as individual performance in different subjects.

The analysis also shows the number of lessons completed, time spent on lessons, and achievements depending on results from the test taken.

learning analysis of all the subjects on the platform

Preparing students for the future

Reviewing the content and features of the uLesson app shows that the app has the potential to revolutionalize the way students in Nigeria and Africa at large study.

The app is easy to navigate, explanative and possessed quality content to prepare senior secondary students for final exams. However, the app didn’t have subjects like English, which is very essential for every secondary school student.

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