Skool Media Reiterates its Support for the Education Sector in Nigeria, to Launch U-Create Hub


Nigerian Edtech startup, Skool Media has restated its commitment to change the face of post-primary education in Nigeria using technology.

The company recently intimated the media about the impact of various efforts it has put in supporting the education sector in Nigeria. This is part of the company’s vision to be a world-class education technology infrastructure company focused on re-tooling the Nigerian education system and providing a platform for the Nigerian child to compete globally.

So far, the startup has been instrumental in providing digital infrastructure as well as building several students and teachers technology hubs in Unity Colleges across the country.

Our ultimate target is to provide the utmost professional and ethical standards in building a globally competitive educational system.

Dr. Macjohn Onyekwere Nwaobiala, Chairman of the newly heralded Advisory board of Skool Media Nigeria Limited.

In the last 6 years of existence, Skool Media has set up Students Technology Experience Centers. They also installed over 452 projectors and 2500 computers in 75 Unity schools across Nigeria. These centres have helped students learn useful digital and soft skills to enable them to compete globally.

Some of these centres are being used as venues for Computer Based Tests (CBT) to prepare some of the students for JAMB examination.

The Student Experience Centre at Queens College, Yaba, Lagos.

In these 75 schools, Skool Media also has 377 digital classrooms where learning is made fun and easier with technology tools for both teachers and students.

Skool Media is not only enabling just the students but also teachers who dish out the knowledge. With its Teachers Digital Learning Centres, teachers in schools are taught how to use several productivity tools to improve the delivery of instructional content.

Skool Media Reiterates Support for the Education Sector, to Launch U-Create Hub
The Teacher Digital Learning Centre at Queens College, Yaba, Lagos

According to one of the teachers at the centre, Mrs Emeka Okolie, the centre has been extremely helpful for sharing necessary knowledge about the world of tech.

“My experience with the centre has been very interesting because, in terms of tech improvement, I’ve been able to set up my lessons with a laptop. People who are not tech-savvy are also being taught how to go about it. We lack the knowledge, but we are all learning to use the computers and tech tools here”

Mrs Emeka Okolie, a teacher at Queens College, Lagos.

The New Innovation — U-Create Hub

The U-Create Hub is Skool Media’s latest digital innovation. It is an innovators’ space where kids and teenagers are inspired to innovate, create and collaboratively learn coding, 3D printing, robotics and artificial intelligence.

This initiative is to ensure that Nigerians are not just consumers of technology but also creators leveraging the power of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).

Image result for robotics creation

As such, the hub will provide a range of exciting learners the opportunity to explore through gamified learning resources, coding challenges, hardware programming with Arduino and robotics kits.

They could also explore prototyping with 3D printers, augment and virtual reality, learner-friendly Sci-fi movies, animated series and short videos on emerging technologies to inspire student’s ingenuity.

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