Google Honours Health Workers and Other Frontliners in the Fight Against COVID-19 With Series of Doodles


As its way of showing appreciation with the rest of the world for health workers and other first responders at the frontline of the battle against Covid-19, Google has chosen to honor them with Doodles.

The Doodles celebration is scheduled to run for 2 weeks and cuts across a wide range of workers in the process.

It started with a focus on public health workers and scientific researchers who are working to provide a remedy for the COVID-19 virus. While many people are observing self-isolation to curb the spread of the virus, research efforts are being put together to produce a vaccine that can treat or immunize people in a bid to reduce the number of casualties to the virus.

Doodle honoring doctors and medical workers

The focus later shifted to doctors, nurses and medical workers who are for the most part the first responders to health emergencies arising as a result. In addition to the long hours put in by these medical officials under physically and mentally stressful conditions, there is also the risk to their health and to the health of their immediate family members.

After that, the Doodles carried graphics and information honoring people working in sectors including emergency services, custodial and sanitation, farming, grocery, public transportation, packaging, shipping and delivery, and of course, the foodservice.

Doodle honoring public transportation workers

The Doodle moved on to focus on teachers and others who provide child care services. Child care workers are as essential as health workers because most health workers have children who need someone to attend to them while their parents are unavoidably away.

Teachers have had to adapt and most have had to embrace new technologies in ways that were alien to them before in order to keep the process of education ongoing for their students. Besides this, teachers also have to provide a safe place for the students who may have no idea how to handle the rude interruption to their education and normal life.

Google Honours Health Workers and Other Frontline Staff With Doodles
Doodle honoring teachers and childcare workers

The round of Google Doodles celebration was concluded with a round-up of the people who had been honored in the previous days. It featured a cross-section of people from public transporters to chefs and others celebrated earlier.

In this series of animated GIF Doodles, the big “G” represents communities around the world sending our love to the other letters, which represent the essential workers. Fun fact: we purposely used the first and last letters of our logo to ensure characters in every Doodle were practicing social distancing.

Google Doodle

As Google publicly celebrates these people who are constantly facing danger in order to reduce the negative impacts of COVID-19, we can do the same by practicing social distancing, and embracing the rules of good hygiene at all times.

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