WeJapa Could Help Techies Get Their Dream Jobs Abroad, But Could it Succeed Where Andela is Struggling?


The growth and advancement of technology has made sectors like IT, Data Science and design very lucrative career choice for youths. However, the job opportunities for software developers, designers and data scientists are very limited in the country, forcing many to source for employment abroad.

Last year, Andela  laid off 400 of its junior developers because it could not find enough jobs that match the skill and experience of the talent pool.

WeJapa is an app that was developed to help techies solve the problem of finding lucrative jobs by helping them get their desired job abroad. The startup has a system that allows them to help Software Developers/Engineers, Designers, Product Managers, Data Scientists/Analysts, or any tech-related professionals gain access to better job opportunities across Africa, Europe And North America.

The app was launched on the 27th of April, 2020.

With the promise of being able to provide job opportunities to the growing number of techies in the country, I reviewed the app.

Over 1,000 downloads

Although the WeJapa app just launched officially yesterday, it had over 1,000 downloads on Play store. The app is very easy to download with a size of just 11 MB on the store. The app had a 4.4-star rating out of 28 reviews.

After downloading the app, you can sign up by clicking on the ‘get started’ button on the bottom right-hand corner on the last introduction page. A sign-in page appears but if you are new to the app you just need to click the sign-up button at the bottom.

To sign-up, you need to enter your full name, email, phone number and choose an experience level. More importantly, you will have to enter a URL for your Github, Portfolio or Website and also a Drive or Dropbox link to your resume. You can also add your StackOverflow link.

After that, you just need to enter your password and tick the box to agree with the terms of service. Then you can click on the sign-up button to create your account.

After signing-up, your profile will be under review for about 6 to 12 days, before it is accredited and accepted (you will receive a mail to show your sign up is complete). The app also allows you to contact support in case you have a complaint.

When your profile is accepted you can start applying for jobs.

Remote and on-site Jobs

WeJapa has a pool of very relatable brands that are passionate about empowering Africans. According to the startup, techies are matched with both remote and on-site jobs.

Could Skill Outsourcing Startup, Wejapa Succeed Where Andela is Struggling?

Its app is also designed to display job vacancies that suit personal experiences so as to increase the chance of getting the job. The app also allows you to monitor the progress of your application

According to the startup, wit has successfully placed about 13 people in jobs (Full time, remote & On-site) within the last two weeks. These jobs come with awesome perks like relocation, new PCs and other resources, etc.


For Techies, software developers, designers or data scientists, the WeJapa app is easy to use and could help you get your dream job.

The startup leverages on its skills assessment process and growing connection of companies abroad to match techies to the right jobs.

With this system, the company could help a lot of unemployed young developers get jobs, but we will just have to wait and see if the start-up will succeed where much bigger players like Andela has been having troubles.

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