Why Casting Javicia Leslie as First Black Batwoman Could Cause a Drop in Viewership of the Series


For the first time, a black woman will be playing the role of Batwoman on television as Javicia Leslie was officially announced on Twitter as the next actress to wear the Batwoman cape.

Leslie will be replacing Ruby Rose whose exit in May due to physical challenges caused an uproar among fans of the show. But while Rose played the role of Kate Kane in the globally-acclaimed comic series, Leslie will be taking on the totally different character of Ryan Wilder, a female character described as “likeable, messy, a little goofy and untamed.”

In the series, Leslie will continue to fight crime in Gotham City using the fictional tech weaponry and equipment which were owned and operated by Batman before he disappeared. As the Batwoman has no legendary superpowers, ingenuity and a high level of tech-savviness have become good enough substitutes.

Speaking about the role, Leslie said “I am extremely proud to be the first black actress to play the iconic role of Batwoman on television and as a bisexual woman, I am honoured to join this groundbreaking show which has been such a trailblazer for the LGBTQ+ community.”

Why Casting Leslie Javicia as First Black Batwoman Could See Viewership of the Series Drop

Kate Kane vs Ryan Wilder

While having the first black Batwoman is an exciting prospect to some fans of the comic series, it hasn’t gone down well with many others. And the problem is not exactly race; it is not even about the actual casts. It is about the characters as many fans believe Kate Kane is Batwoman just as Bruce Wayne is Batman.

In other words, the character of Ryan Wilder should not replace Kate Kane as Batwoman because she simply is not.

A significant number of responses on social media expressed this dissatisfaction. While some said switching the person behind the Batwoman cape is against what the fans want, others explicitly say they will not be watching the show from the next season if the producers don’t recast the character of Kate Kane.

“While she seems lovely #KateKaneisBatwoman and there is no Batwoman without Kate Kane Good luck but this is where I say goodbye. Without Kate, it’s not the same show. Goodbye,” one fan tweeted.

Some other fans said they won’t mind if Leslie is recast as Kate Kane. But with as Ryan Wilder character, the first black Batwoman seems like a fail already.

But that hasn’t stopped other fans from being excited about the new storylines that will open up because of the new Ryan Wilder character.

The next season of the series will premier in January 2021, however, the reactions on social media show that some of the fans may not be returning for the second season, and this will negatively affect the ratings of Batwoman.

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