Movie Review: Bloodshot is a Bloody Terminator Movie Filled with Vin Diesel Awesomeness


Discovering that you could punch through walls and billions of tiny insects are flowing in your blood should get anyone scared but that’s not Vin Diesel.

In his latest action movie, Bloodshot, Vin, playing Ray Garrison, a US soldier, accepted the reality of losing his memories and becoming immortal with a levity that would be impossible for many.

Bringing back the fast-paced action and thrilling fighting scenes that he is well known for especially in Fast and furious and Riddick, Vin graced us with a delightful terminatoresque excitement in his mission for Revenge.

Movie Review: Bloodshot is a Bloody Terminator Movie filled with Vin Diesel's Awesomeness
Watching Bloodshot trailers may not be enough to prepare you for the vengeful brutality Vin Diesel wreaks in this Movie

The sci-fi action drama features Ray Garrison who comes back from his latest mission and was enjoying the holiday with his wife Gina (Talulah Riley) in Italy. However, one night a group of mercenaries kidnap them inquiring about his last mission.

When Ray couldn’t tell them anything, they killed his wife in front of him. In anger, Ray told the kidnapper that he is a dead man and the best thing he could do will be to kill him. So the kidnapper shot him in the head.

Sometime later, Ray wakes up at Rising Spirit Tech (RST), a facility specialising in nanite technology led by Dr Emil Harting (Guy Pearce). Ray who was meant to be dead, was not so dead, according to the Doctor, his body was donated after his death and he was used in an experiment that has filled his body with nanotech capable of every conceivable upgrade.

The upgrade made Ray basically immortal with enhanced speed, strength, self-healing and a brain that was essentially a supercomputer. However, there was a drawback of him not remembering anything.

While telling him to embrace the future and forget the past, the doctor introduced him to the few other patients who survived this procedure, former US Navy diver KT (Eiza González) and the two former soldiers, Jimmy Dalton (Sam Heughan) and Marcus Tibbs (Alex Hernandez).

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After his memory was triggered by a specific song he heard, his past slowly returned to him. He escapes the RST facility to exact revenge on the man who killed his wife. After successfully killing him, he was picked up by RST and soon after revealed a twist that Harting has been wiping and programming his memories using his anger as a weapon to eliminate his rivals.

At 1hr 45min, Bloodshot captures how strong revenge can be as a weapon. Although the plot was predictable, its top-notch fighting scenes like the melee between Ray and a group of kidnappers keep you glued to the screen.

The movie which is an adaptation based on the comics published by Valiant Comics was directed by Michael Bay, the popular director of “Bad Boys,” and “6 Underground”.

Movie Review: Bloodshot is a Bloody Terminator Movie filled with Vin Diesel's Awesomeness
Don’t be surprised to see a blown off hand or leg grow back in seconds with bones and all, just like in the comics.

In the movie, Hartings plans started to fall apart after he sends Ray after the next victim on his list. While killing the victim, the programmer Wilfred Wigans (Lamorne Morris) activates an EMP bomb, which stops the transmitter, removing RST control over him. Wigans tells Ray what RST is doing to him and that his wife is still alive, but not his wife anymore. Ray turns his anger and renewed revenge against Hartings and RST.

Bloodshot fighting scenes show Ray’s super strength and immortality has he breaks guns, rips through cars and heals from various kinds of injuries including bomb explosions. It also shows in graphic detail how the nanobots in Ray’s body repaired the damages.

This movie would have been perfect for 3D or iMax view. The special effects are amazing, full of action and awesome fight scenes would be a kill to watch on 3D.

Apart from the action, the movie follows KT’s guilt for being part of Ray’s deceit, highlighting instances when she tried to tell him. Although it wasn’t clearly depicted as romance, KT really cared about Ray betraying Harting by breaking the programming.

A scene to watch is the battle between Wigans and the RST programmer for the control over Rays systems. Saying more will probably amount to delivering spoilers so I’ll stop here.

Ray getting back his memories results in a major showdown with RST’s other enhanced soldiers. The battle that riffles through the building finally climaxes in an epic battle between Ray and Dalton.

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Movie Review: Bloodshot is a Bloody Terminator Movie filled with Vin Diesel's Awesomeness

If I am to mention one thing that could have been done better it will be a backstory as to why Hartings was killing his partners and maybe how KT damaged her lungs and the main reason for Dalton’s anger.

However, I will say that the thrill and excitement from the actions drowned out the inadequacies or simpleness of the story. It’s no surprise that the movie already ranked no 1 among the top 10 most popular Netflix movies in Nigeria Today.

So if you are looking for a movie to watch this weekend, Bloodshot is one of my top recommendations. Make some popcorn and drinks and enjoy a full action-packed ride with Vin Diesel. You can stream Bloodshot on Netflix, YouTube, Google Play or Amazon Prime.

Have you seen Bloodshot? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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