App Review: TruQ Makes Moving Heavy Goods and Packages Easy, Fast and at a Fair Price


Moving of heavy goods and packages especially in Lagos is often very difficult and stressful. From finding the right vehicle to dealing with constant traffic and the exorbitant cost of getting good vehicles can be a full days work.

TruQ, a new logistics startup based in Lagos is easing the stress of moving heavy goods by helping individuals and businesses connect with efficient and affordable vehicles.

The startup was founded in February 2020 by Williams Fatayo (CEO), Foluso Ojo (COO), and Isaac Chikutukutu (CTO). It launched its web app on 8 October 2020.

Co-Founder & CEO, Fatayo Williams at the 2019 World Youth Forum, Egypt

An Uber for Heavy Lifting

TruQ runs an Uber-like model where its users can ‘hail’ different kinds of vehicles ranging from minivans, pickup trucks or vans depending on the size and type of package they want to transport.

According to Williams, TruQ understands the challenges people go through while trying to move heavy items, so it is providing users with instant helpers to help them move their items and ensure that the items are secured and delivered in the same condition that it was picked up.

Since its launch, the company has onboarded over 70 drivers and completed more than 500 rides. With the promise of helping people and businesses move anything smart, fast and easy, I reviewed their web-based app.

Order any type of vehicle you need on the TruQ App

Accessing the TruQ web app was very easy, but signing-up presented a bit of a hitch. I got a Status code 400 that popped up multiple times when I was trying to sign up.

The startup explained that the app is still in development and added that it is continually iterating to ensure that the problem is fully resolved.

Once my account was verified, finding the button to book a trip was straight forward. On the page, you simply need to enter pick-up and drop off address as well as vehicle type to get a quote on the trip.

The Quote shows the distance to be covered and the total price of the trip, from there you can either book immediately or schedule the trip for later. There is an option to use coupons. Once satisfied you can select confirm bookings to get matched.

The TruQ app has a ‘My Booking‘ page where you can see all your current and completed Trips

In a situation where the nearest available vehicle can’t meet the scheduled pickup time, the startup revealed that drivers have the option of notifying the customer of this or cancelling the journey so that another driver could pick it up. 

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Poor Location Accuracy

However, you can get into a bit of a problem if your drop off location is not predetermined on the map. After a few tries, I noticed that my booking either logged the wrong distance or didn’t go through because the pickup/ delivery locations were predetermined locations on the map.

TruQ explained that for now, drivers are required to contact users before pickup to ensure accuracy but it is working on full integration with google maps to increase navigation efficiency on the platform.

Affordable Pricing

Like Uber and other on-demand logistics services, TruQ uses distance to determine the price of trips. According to the startup, each vehicle category has a base price – Minivan: 4,000, Pickup: 4,500, Van: 8,000, Box truck: 25,000.

It added that prices are determined by measuring the distance off the map.

The map measures the route distance between the pickup and drop-off points.

The startup explained that the margin of error on the distance measured is quite small and that it will be as minimal as possible by the time the full integration with google map is finally achieved.

The app also has a wallet feature that can be topped up from your bank account. To top up, you simply need to enter an amount and you will be able to transfer funds with your cards using the Flutterwave payment API integrated with the app.

One on One Drivers verification

Drivers on the TruQ platform can be fully trusted according to the company. It explained that each driver on the platform has gone through a one-on-one vetting and onboarding process.

Similarly Merchants are onboarded through one-on-one meetings.

Consequently, the app is also used by Drivers. There is a ‘Register Vehicle‘ page on the platform where interested vehicle owners can register their vehicles.

The page requests information like vehicle make, color, model, year of manufacture, registration number, category, capacity in tonnes, vehicle picture, insurance among other documents.

Also, if you are a driver or interested in being one, you can switch to the Driver interface on the app using the “Switch to Driver” button. However, if you are new, you will need to sign-up using your driver’s license.

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In Summary,

The TruQ app may not win the award for aesthetics but it is functional and effective. The app not only saves stress but also provides an affordable option for anyone who plans on moving apartments, offices or delivering goods to homes and businesses.

In terms of competition, the fact that the startup offers not just trucks but other vehicle category gives it a wider market than other players like Kobo360 and Lori in the on-demand logistics space.

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