Trueflutter Dating App Checks all the Boxes and Finds the Perfect Partner for You


Trueflutter is a social company that was established in September 2018. It was co-founded by Dare Olatoye. The startup helps people find suitable partners through algorithms that take people’s preferences and concerns into consideration.


Earlier this year, an Abuja-based lawyer tweeted that about 4,000 divorce applications had been filed just 1 day into the year. According to her, some of the marriages didn’t last up to a year. Psychologist, Dr Lisa Firestone in an interview, mentioned that compatibility in a relationship is very important at the dating level because this carries into the marriage level.

“People are simply not happy when they’re with someone they’re not compatible with”.

Lisa Firestone

Compatibility covers many areas which include ways of handling money and having fun. Research shows that money and differing expectations are some of the top reasons why people divorce. This makes it important to find partners that are compatible across the major areas when looking to date.

People approach the dating scene traditionally most times, that is observing certain people and then approaching them in the hopes of building a relationship. Trueflutter has modified this approach by creating an avenue for people to meet and then matching people with those they have the highest compatibility with.

How Trueflutter works

The startup has created a matchmaking app that uses the criteria that people select partners with to suggest possible matches. The app has been built around some core needs. The first is to make sure that prostitutes and fraudsters are not the ones that populate the app, while the second is that it assures and guarantees the safety of the women who will physically meet the guys through the app.

Filters that can be used to streamline search

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Users have to update their profile pictures through the selfie mode only in order to ensure that the owner of the account is the one whose picture has been uploaded. The app is in-built with audio and video call features for communication between the users.

What if you do not want everyone to see your profile?

The startup accounts for the privacy needs of its users. Naturally, some people will be selective of the people that they allow to link up with them. Users can use the advanced privacy settings to choose to be discoverable by a select few, everyone or no one.

Before considering a match with someone, you can listen to the person’s audio bio to hear what he or she sounds like. You can then send or receive invites from potential dates.

Financing and strides so far

Trueflutter just announced an undisclosed amount of funding from three angel investors on December 6. The investors are Lagos Angel Network, SSE Angel Network and SGC7375. The company’s first 2,000 signups came in its first 6 weeks and hit the 6,000 user mark in the sixth month. The mobile app is currently being redeveloped and can be found here for Android and iOS when it is released.

A spokesperson for SSE Angel Network, Tokoni Amiesimaka said, “We are pleased to support Dare and his team’s customer-centric approach and focus on building a secure, culturally-intelligent, and globally accessible dating platform for Africans.”

Trueflutter Dating App Checks all the Boxes and Finds the Perfect Partner for You

“With the widespread adoption of digital social platforms, we believe our investment will empower the Trueflutter team to help African singles, especially millennials, to initiate and build lasting relationships online.” 

The funds will be used to expand across Africa. According to Olatoye, “The investment will help us accelerate our ambitious growth plans and take it to Africans across the globe.”

In summary, if you are single and would like to check out a dating platform that guarantees that you will meet legitimate people, you can check out Trueflutter.

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