Edurecords Can Help Parents and Teachers Track Students Performance in School


Edurecords is an edtech startup that was founded in 2016 by Olatunde Ogunlade who is also the chief executive officer. The company was started as a result of Ogunlade’s experience years earlier when he had to verify his school certificates and the school had no record of him being a student there.

He said, “I went back to my primary school. There was no document stored or kept anywhere to ascertain my studentship with the school…, All the papers kept were not readable.”


Bolu has a similar story as regards her child’s education. She is also unable to make much predictions from the assessment of her child’s performance in school.

For many parents, staying abreast with what facilities their wards use in school as well as what their data have to say from their activities is very important. This informs the decisions on what types of lessons they need, for how long they need it, as well as what kind of learning approach works best for the child.

EduRecords product solves this challenge for schools and parents and provides data and the insight they need to make the best decisions for their wards academically.

What Edurecords does

The startup began with a focus on helping schools keep records. Its flagship product is called EduRecords, a web and mobile platform that schools can use to track the performance of students and teachers. It provides real-time information and insights that the schools and parents can monitor the performance of their wards with.

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EduRecords tracks students and teachers’ attendance, and assessment results among others. Through the platform, stakeholders can track the social facilities that schools offer their wards and how it is being utilized. Budgets can also be created and tracked to ensure that funds are allocated for the right educational purposes.

The first product turned out to be something the educational sector needed as the startup reported signing up 20 schools with about 8,000 students in total during its pre-launch campaign in 2016.

Source: EduRecords

EduRecords’ algorithm uniquely identifies each student and creates personal learning guides for them. Study guides are also generated for each student based on the subjects in which they show the least strength.

Data generated from all of EduRecord’s activities are used to project and suggest how a child’s academic performance can be better improved.

What about consenting to the information gathering?

Parents have to agree to have their wards tracked and their data gathered, according to EduRecords. Ogunlade said, “Every parent subscribes for their ward’s information to be seen and managed through our platform.”

“We also provide technical analytics to agencies and governments for planning and developmental purposes.”

Other initiatives of the startup include an adult literacy program that participants have to subscribe to. The startup provides CCTV, attendance tracking devices, Wi-Fi connectivity and easy-to-use learning platforms as well as alternative energy sources as part of its solution to schools. These additional services are provided freely, according to the startup.

EduRecords engage schools with free solar electricity, internet, automated attendance tracking devices that monitor both student and teacher inflow and outflow to school and classes and self-paid ICT personnel.

Schools can register to use EduRecords’ software product by filling the form here. TechNext sent enquiries to EduRecords via mail on the requirements for schools that want to use the startup’s product. This post will be updated with the response as soon as it is received.

Financing and strides

EduRecords makes money by having parents subscribe in order to enrol their wards on the platform and track their performance. The revenue model is based on subscription and consultancy fees.

In addition to the schools registered in Nigeria, the startup is also registered in the United States. Crunchbase records that EduRecords has raised a total of $156,800 since it launched. The funding was raised from angel investors on November 16, 2016.

Alternative to EduRecords

Studylab is another edtech product by Insight Africa which helps parents and teachers to monitor students. The platform signs up students on a subscription basis and works both offline and online. Students work on questions that are provided on Studylab and are assessed. Data is gathered on each student and visualized reports are delivered to schools and the parents on the progress of the student.

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In summary, if you would like a closer involvement in your ward’s academic journey, EduRecords is a platform you can onboard your child. If your child’s school does not yet use the platform, it is worth suggesting to the administration.

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