Black Creators Can Now Apply for $10 Million Facebook Gaming Program

Black Creators Can Now Apply for $10M Facebook Gaming Program

Facebook Gaming is now receiving applications from black creators on the platform as part of its $10 million Black Gaming Creator Program. According to Facebook, the project will be funded with $5 million each year over the next two years to offer Black gaming creators an opportunity to scale their solutions within the Facebook Gaming community.

The program is aimed at driving the greater inclusion of Black gaming streamers on Facebook’s gaming platform.

With over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store and more than 140,000 reviews at an average rating 4.2 of 5 stars, Facebook Gaming is already among the biggest mobile gaming apps worldwide. This is especially impressive considering that it was only released in April this year.

Creators who are selected to participate in the program will be paid a guaranteed monthly salary and secure a Facebook Gaming partnership as well as access to early product launches, virtual and physical gaming events. Added to this is a mentorship opportunity with established Black creators.

Facebook Gaming Launches Black Creator Program | Hollywood Reporter

CEO of mobile gaming startup SolveEducation, Oladimeji Ojo told Technext that Facebook’s move is necessary for the company to realise greater revenues, as gaming flourishes when it is community-focused.

Gaming, as you know it, thrives when built around a community. What comes to mind is diversity, inclusion, which inherently leads to supporting black-owned businesses. Without a doubt, black game creators would add the diversity element to the Facebook Gaming platform.

Oladimeji Ojo, CEO SolveEducation

He continued, “More diverse content means a broader reach for Facebook Gaming, which leads to more revenue for Facebook. Facebook could be paying themselves by paying Black gaming creators to build. It’s a win-win scenario.”


Applicants to the Black Creator Program must be aged at least 14 years, with parental consent required for all creators under 18 years of age. Interested persons must also have a valid Facebook/Instagram account and reside in the United States.

Apart from individual Black creators, businesses applying should possess at least 51% Black ownership. Individuals and businesses related to Facebook employees/contractors (including relatives) are ineligible to participate in the program. Facebook employees/contractors and their relatives are not eligible to apply.

Here’s how to Apply for Facebook’s Black Gaming Creator Program:

1. Apply through the Facebook Gaming Web Portal

To begin your application, log on to the Facebook Gaming web portal here. Asterisked (*) sections are required. Click “Start” to proceed.

Facebook gaming for black creators

2. Enter Personal Details and Facebook Gaming Profile

First, select whether you are available to enter into a contract with Facebook as a partner. Fill in your personal details including full name, email and city of residence.

Also enter your creator name, the website URL for your Facebook Gaming profile and Instagram handle. Select “Yes” if you currently live stream your game. Scroll down to continue.

Facebook gaming for black creators

3. Fill in Gaming Details

At this stage, you are required all relevant information applicable to your game. Input the streaming platforms and duration for your game, describe its format/genre and answer the subsequent questions on Facebook Gaming partnership and Black creators.

Facebook gaming for black creators

4. Confirm Age Range and Submit

This is the last stage of your application. Choose “Yes” or “No” as an answer to the statutory questions on your eligibility as a business or individual creator.

Click “Submit” to finish.

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