Startup Review: Ticketmann Wants to replace PoS with its all-in-one Payment and Inventory Solution


Keeping track of every aspect of business can be very challenging especially when that business is growing at an exponential rate. Software and enterprise solutions provides different products than can help ease and keep track of business processes easily.

From Payment to inventory and data management, there are different types of software which businesses can employ to ease their day to day process.

However, purchasing each software individually can be costly in terms of money and skill required to use them. Ticketmann, a new entrant into the fintech and SaaS space is solving this problem by creating an all-in-one product that provides solutions that cater to ticket dispensing, payment collection, discount application as well as inventory and financial reconciliation management.


Co-founded by Kenneth Nwanganga in 2018, the technology company underwent a research and development phase before finally launching its product in 2020.

According to Kenneth, the company provides all-in-one retail solutions ranging from payments to inventory. He added that it not only helps businesses simplify payments, it also saves cost.

In the world of today, there are supermarkets that maintain a regular computer then have a POS machine on the side for accepting payments. Ticketmann integrates all of these activities into one device, where they can have their inventory, make sales and accept payments

Kenneth Nwanganga, Co-founder of Ticketmann
Kenneth Nwanganga, Co-founder Ticketmann

Since its launch, the company has grown steadily and is now providing solutions to clients in different sectors including transport and logistics.

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Start Businesses with or without Physical Structure

With Ticketmann’s all-in-one product, anyone can start up a business with all the tools required for efficiency without necessarily requiring a physical structure.

According to the company, its business is hinged on enabling payments for brick and mortar businesses as well as businesses without physical structures.

What Square is to America is what we want to be to Africa


It further explained that it understands the real challenges faced by various business owners with regards to managing point of sale transactions, keeping pace with inventory, data management and scalability. That’s why its product provides a complete retail solution from payments to everything else.

Ticketmann Product

Some of its product include Point of Sale Solution, Complete Ticketing Solution and Merchant Aggregator Services. The use of these products, however, goes beyond powering point of sale payments to include broader uses like selling and dispensing tickets, applying discounts or activating coupon codes and accessing real-time sales data among others.

Ticketmann manages sales of products and services irrespective of scale or type of business using a combination of smart hardware and software technology.

How to obtain a Ticketmann device

The Ticketmann device looks like a POS device but is completely unique. It is built on an Android operating system and also has a touch screen like a smartphone.

The device performs all the payments services of a POS as well as other everyday business operations depending on the software installed on the OS.

Asked if the information on the device is accessible via smartphones, Kenneth explained that information and data like inventory and payment history are only accessible on the device.

However, he revealed that the company is working on a web-based dashboard that will allow clients access to their business data anywhere in the world with their smartphone or computer.

To purchase the device you can reach out to the company, either through mail or the contact us page on the website. After that, a meeting will be scheduled to determine the kind of service you need before the onboarding process.

According to the co-founder, the maximum time for the onboarding process is a week. He added that clients can customise the device to do just inventory, Payments or both. However, other software can be built and hosted on the Andriod OS platform on the client’s request.

The device is available for both individual and corporate purchase.

The company offers two ways of purchasing the device. There is an outright payment when a client pays for the device in full. The minimum cost is N150,000 and then there is the option to receive the device for free.

However, this option carries a heavier charge per transaction for the client when compared to those who outrightly bought the device, according to Kenneth.

The Ticketmann device 

Why Ticketmann is unique

Speaking about its ecosystem, the co-founder claimed that there is not a lot of competition in the space at the moment. He explained that what most innovators are focusing on is the regular payment side of businesses.

According to him, Ticketmann is unique for its ability to provide support. “We have developers who are ready to help businesses that do not have an IT infrastructure build IT solutions.”

Kenneth also mentioned that the company is very innovative. He explained that it helps businesses simplify their solutions.

In summary,

There are vast opportunities for trade and commerce in Africa. With the launch of its product, Ticketmann has strategically placed itself to simplify payments for brick and mortar businesses with its solution that powers the entire sale process of any product or service.

Kenneth believes that in the next five years, Ticketmann will be a solution that every Nigerian business will be striving to get onboard. “We are not just providing a retail solution, we are an all-in-one solution that allows you to sell recharge cards, pay for cable TV and electricity bills,” he said

He added that he sees Ticketmann replacing the regular POS.

“In the nearest future, I see us replacing the regular POS, instead of having only POS which you can only use for payment you can have the Ticketmann device which can do payment and every other thing.”

Kenneth Nwanganga, Co-founder of Ticketmann

Despite the company’s unique selling point, the company still has a lot to prove if it wants to achieve its goal of dominating the Nigerian Market.

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