5 Important Apps You Must Have During the Festive Season


2020 has been a most stressful year and the festive season is a perfect time to get much-needed fun and relaxation. With the way things have evolved this year, longstanding habits and traditions of celebrations will probably change.

However, there will still be time to spend with family, tour new locations, learn a new language, and even connect deeper with yourself.

As the festive season commences, shopping lists are piling up – with myriad gifts to buy for family and friends. Furthermore, the festive season calls for travelling, spring cleaning, home decorations and festive food.

Looking at the long list of what needs to be done, rather than become a stress reliever, the season could rather become another source of stress. Thanks to technology and developers, so many apps exist that could help you make the most of the things on your to-do list fast and easy. Here are a few app suggestions to try.

Shopping Apps – Jumia

The festive season is always filled with shopping, from gifts to wardrobe changes and groceries. While there is the physical shopping option, there’s a high probability you will run into a crowd at the store due to the rush.

Shopping apps like Jumia and Konga give you the opportunity to sit back and relax while ordering everything you need from the comfort of your home.

So, be it clothes, foodstuff, pieces of jewellery or gadgets, there are several e-commerce apps you can try that can help you buy what you need easily and often at a discount.


There’s no better time to try learning a new language than during the festive season. Learning a new language, especially while relaxing in a foreign country can be fun thanks to the Duolingo app.

The app makes learning new languages easy with its super sleek interface and fun activities. You can learn German, French, Turkish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, among others on the platform.

5 Apps You Must Have For Your Next Vacation


A huge part of travelling during the festive season is exploring new places and culture. While it is cool to mingle and ask around about your new environment, there are apps like AroundMe that makes exploring much easier.

5 Important Apps You Must Have During the Festive Season

The app taps into your location and shows you all the interesting spots nearby—from ATMs to hospitals to restaurants, and just about everything else in between.

Just like a personal guide, it is always with you guiding you to every homely pleasure you might miss.


No matter where you decide to go for the festive season, movies are a must-have. With Netflix you get access to millions of movies about romance, action, horror and even Christmas.

From Nigerian to foreign content, Netflix has a diverse catalogue that ensures you never miss anything no matter where you are.

YouTube Music

If you’re a holiday music fan, then you need to make sure you key into this music app with a large and old catalogue. This ensures you have access to all the jams you love during the season.

There are several music apps you can choose from but when it comes to Christmas music especially old ones, my top pick is YouTube. It has an incredible list of Christmas music, hip hop, jazz and a host of other genres you will love.



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