How is Building a Unique Online Marketplace for Tutorial Centres, Freelance Tutors and Schools in Nigeria

How is Building a Unique and Open Online Marketplace for Tutorial Centres, Freelance Tutors and Schools in Nigeria
A student using the platform

Education is of paramount importance as we navigate through life. Oprah Winfrey described it as “the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.” In our world today, the importance of quality education cannot be overemphasised.

However, despite the availability of top-tier tutorial centres and schools, making a decision about the centres or tutors to register with for the best results could be a daunting challenge.

Founded in June by Daniel Osi, is working to ease such concerns for the multitude of students across Nigeria looking to take academic and/or professional exams. The team includes board member, Mufutau Akuruyejo, first investor and first African to be accepted for the CERN OpenLab Training in Switzerland as well as Emeka Ejikeme, Director of partnerships with schools and centres.

An Online Marketplace to Boost Learning for Students

“We are an online education agency, the first in Nigeria, to meet such a need.” This was how Daniel described what sets apart from traditional edtech platforms.

Daniel Osi, CEO

I noticed that no easy platform exists for students who just want to register for a specific exam prep class complete with tutorials and exam registration in Nigeria, as most of these physical centres offer such services in addition to the normal tutorial classes.

Daniel Osi

But this is just one of the issues is trying to solve. The platform provides an online marketplace where individuals and organisations can publish classes on any subject such as cryptocurrency, video editing, programming or even makeup.

“I realised that this could be an opportunity to bring this mostly offline market into an online space; an AirBnB or an Eventbrite strictly for classes,” Daniel stated.

How is Easing Learning for Students through its Open Online Marketplace
A student in a Lagos cybercafe registering at a centre through

Education goes beyond the four walls of a typical school and is a broad term which covers a wide range of obtainable skills and knowledge. People are always in search of where they can get quality resource on different subject areas. And unlike conventional tutoring platforms, connects students to top brands and professionals in these fields anywhere in Nigeria.

After registering as a centre or tutor, class coordinators can post the classes which they would be taking. On their profile, this will appear in the form of a class card similar to a tweet.

Students can then easily access the profiles of the class centres for registration and payment. The centre dashboard allows tutors to accept bookings and effectively manage student data.

Unique SEO Strategy

By implementing a distinctive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) model, has set itself apart as the go-to platform for trusted class reviews on google.

With its unique SEO strategy, comes out tops in google search results for learning centres and classes. Leveraging this, students looking for a platform with student reviews can quickly locate and go through the appraisals or critical reviews on any of their centre choices.

This better informs students’ final decision in selecting the centres which would best fit their learning needs.

Access to Over 1,500 Tutorial Centres offers students an extensive pool of more than 1,500 leading exam prep centres aggregated across all thirty-six states including Lagos, FCT, Oyo and Rivers.

Registering on the platform is straightforward, either as a student, freelance tutor or exam prep centre.

The entire registration process takes just three minutes. When your registration is completed, you will be able to login to your student dashboard showing your student ID and general bio.

Screenshot of website

You can add class programs that interest you by quickly browsing through the numerous prep centres available on All you have to do is type in your state, such as Lagos, and click on “Find Centers”.

The system instantly returns search results with a list of all tutorial centres in Lagos in a matter of seconds.

The information displayed will include the centre’s name, classes offered and minimum registration fee.

You can further filter the search results based on centre type – Physical or Freelance tutor, class type – UTME, WASSCE, GRE, IELTS etc and class medium – physical or online. This makes it easier for you to choose the centre which suits your schedule.

6 – 10% Discount on All Registrations

Apart from its wide array of tutorial centres, also provides students with a 6 – 10% discount rate on bookings made for classes via its platform.

By making exam registration fees more affordable, makes it easier for students to pay up for their exams and lessons in the quickest possible time.

Screenshot of website

Immediately you select a centre, the platform automatically factors in the 6 – 10% discount applicable to the classes you registered for. Payments can be completed using cards or bank transfer. CEO, Daniel revealed that in order to incentivise more students, plans are underway to introduce a referral system where students would earn a commission for each of their peers they recommend to register for their classes and/or exams through

Quality education is crucial to creating a world of opportunities, and is making it accessible to millions of students across Nigeria.

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