5 Tips to Make Your Business More Popular on Social Media


Social media is one of the most cost-efficient digital marketing methods that can help businesses increase their visibility and brand awareness while also increasing their customers.

However, becoming a popular business on social media isn’t simple as it entails businesses doing something unique to stand out from the competition.

The new norm of online shopping has seen more business and entrepreneurs move online, so just posting your products may not be enough. Here are some quick hacks you can employ to edge competitors and get noticed online.

5 Tips for Generating Leads Through Social Media
Social media platforms differ not just in their appeal, but in their user base. Carefully select which medium to be more active on for your business.

1) Post regularly

Posting regularly is more important than you might think. When you post on a constant basis, it keeps your content on the face of your followers. It also trains your followers to expect new content from you frequently.

This makes it more likely that people will check out your page every few days especially if you post quality content.

In practice, it’s important to know that there are peak hours where people are more likely to see your content. So you can always work towards posting at these times.

Also, posting regularly can be difficult as some days will be busier than others. However, there are many solutions available to help you keep posting regularly. One of them is using scheduling apps that help you prepare and schedule your posts in advance.

Another great option is to outsource this aspect of your business to a professional branding agency – they can even create great content for you and see to it that it is posted regularly.

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2) Post content that engages your audience

The fastest way to turn your followers into customers is to engage them. And the best way to that is through content. No one wants boring content, so you need to post interesting and thought-provoking content that people will interact with.

Whether it be polls, quizzes, contests, or something similar, the important thing is to create the type of content that your followers will resonate with it. A good place to get ideas about what people will engage with is by following trends, which brings us to the next point.

One of the fastest ways to increase visibility on social media is by jumping on trends. Trends are topics that millions of people are already actively following and discussing. By creating content relating to the trend you create visibility for your business.

Another method is to boost content that is doing very well. This means that if a particular post is doing well on platforms in terms of engagement, you can boost them, possible across platforms to increase their visibility.

Other methods include the offering of incentives such as a raffle or a giveaway under the condition they follow you or sign up on your platform.

5 Ways to Make Your Business Popular on Social Media

4) Spice up your page with images and videos

The attention span of the average social media users on any piece of content is about 1.7 to 2.5 seconds. Therefore it’s important to catch people’s attention fast. Images and other forms of visual media like videos are designed to quickly capture your audience’s attention.

Too much text can become boring thus adding images makes it possible to capture your audience’s attention and retain it for as long as possible.

5 Ways to Make Your Business Popular on Social Media

Also, you need to build a brand that is memorable. You can do this by making sure all of the images you post follow a certain theme. If you have no idea on how to go about it you can outsource it to professional branding agencies.

5) Engage the art of Story telling

Serving as a source of inspiration and solution to problems can help develop love and loyalty among followers. However, the way you deliver it determines the reaction of your followers. If you create it in a form of storytelling, you will take them on a journey of satisfaction and discovery.

To create engaging storytelling you to need to have a knack for writing and practice. But if you don’t have that, no problem you can easily outsource it.

In summary

By using the methods listed above you should be able to boost your social media presence and improve your business’ overall engagement. However, remember that your competitors are fighting for it as well so if you don’t keep your followers engaged, they will not hesitate to click away. 

To avoid this, you can easily outsource the bulk of the work to professional branding agencies like Brandest that have an impressive track record of building business visibility.


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