How to Sell Ethereum, Bitcoin and Tether Instantly in Nigeria Using Jackocoins


There are so many exchanges to sell cryptocurrency in Nigeria but only few of them offer high rates with fast payment. In this guide, I will show you how to easily sell your cryptocurrency for naira in just few steps at high rate and with fast payment into your naira (NGN) bank account.

Step by step guide to start selling ETH,BTC,USDT and other cryptocurrencies for naira

1. Register on Jackocoins or download the app on playstore

2. login and Add your bank account details by following step below

a) Click on menu icon at the top left corner of the screen

b) Click on bank account

c)   click on Add A New Account

d) input bank details and save

Note: You can add more than one bank account detail. To switch receiving bank account, just click on “make default” on bank account detail page

3. choose preferred wallet mode on wallet page

When wallet mode is OFF – it means all receiving crypto will be sold automatically and payment sent to default bank account

When wallet mode is ON – it means all receiving crypto will be stored on your Jackocoins wallet still you sell manually by clicking on sell button on wallet page

4.  on sell page, copy your crypto wallet address. All crypto sent to the address will be sold automatically into naira and payment sent to default bank account or stored on the wallet still sell button click when wallet mode is ON

To Know more about Jackocoins, let’s take a quick review

Introducing Jackocoins

Jackocoins is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange in Nigeria to sell your ETH, BTC and USDT at a high rate and with fast payment. Started operations in 2016 on the Jacobian forum, where customer trust is won which led to expansion into one of the cryptocurrency exchanges in Nigeria today.

Why Jackocoins is one of the best place to sell your crypto for naira

  1. Offers the best and high rate in Nigeria cryptocurrency exchange market, allowing you to make more profit on your sale
  2. Quick and fast payment due to enough liquidity from partners, payment are received between 2 – 5 minutes maximum.
  3. Easily choose between automatic and manual trading, automatic trading  prevent clicking on sell button each time someone sent crypto to your address for selling,crypto are sold at the current rate and payment sent instantly to default bank account
  4. Availability of multi-cryptocurrency trading. Currently, available cryptos are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether(USDT), more cryptos are coming soon like Tron(TRX) and Ripple(XRP)
  5. All Cryptos are stored in a cold wallet which is the best security practice in the industry
  6. The platform is available on mobile app for Android users and on web for easy accessibility. IOS app coming soon
  7. Easily transfer fund with no fees to users on the platform
  8. Supportive and responsive customers care

Final note

No doubt,if you are searching for where to sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and tether at high rate and fast payment, jackocoins is not left out because of their top-notch service and wide range of experiences in trading since 2016.

For support contact

Email: [email protected]

Whatsapp: +2348130015202

Facebook: jackocoins

Twitter: @JackocoinsVelo

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