Office Romance: The Untold Thrill, Drama and Tears of Valentine’s Day at Work


We all know that office romances happen. It’s more of an open secret. From the long awkward hugs to the bizarrely long bathroom breaks, there are a lot of dead giveaways that something rosy, and sometimes very fishy, is going on.

Like some of the stories you will read about below, some relationships can be well hidden. You will be surprised by how much happens behind the thin curtains of cubicles and the dark corners of the conference room.

It’s not like office romance is bad, far from it. But many workplaces frown upon romantic relationships between members of staff. But just like romance everywhere else, people have varying opinions with majority rueing the awkwardness of breakups when they occur. In a nutshell, office romance is pretty much the same as every other love story, so what the heck?

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we have gathered some sweet and bitter stories of office romance told exactly how the actors said it. We hope they help you decide whether to pursue that co-worker you find yourself crushing on or to simply resist the urge.

I got sacked for doing nothing – Segun

Well, my sin is that I was innocent. I didn’t even understand what had transpired until the sack letter landed on my table.

So, a few months ago I started waiting to take a colleague home. She lived along my way so it wasn’t any trouble. Truth be told, I had other intentions but couldn’t bring myself to act on them. I told myself I wanted to know her better first.

Well, that time never came. Unknown to me the lady had been on several dates with the boss. So, he saw me taking her home as a ploy to steal her away.

To cut the long story, he saw me presenting her a Valentine gift so to kick out the competition he brought out the non-fraternisation law. That was how I got sacked for doing next to nothing.

I got played by a Yoruba Demon- Lara

I was always against office romance until I met him. He stole my stupid heart away with his handsome gaze and gleaming eyes. Before I knew it we started kissing and afterwards started dating officially but secretly.

It wasn’t like our colleagues didn’t know we were an item but no one said anything.

Well, everything ended in tears. I don’t know what came over me but I never believed he will cheat on me much less have a fiance.

I was on my way out to collect his valentine gift from the dispatch rider downstairs when I met a lady at the door asking for him. I asked her who she was she introduced herself as his fiancee. Can you imagine? I didn’t even confront him I just went home.

My Boss screamed louder than I did- Cynthia

A colleague and I have been discreetly dating for like 6 months. We kept things on the low so almost nobody knew what was going on.

The wahala started when another female colleague that was his direct line was really trying to get his attention. We spoke about it a few times and he assured me there was nothing going on between them.

He noticed my discomfort about the whole issue and decided to do something crazy. On valentines day, I got to the office to meet a bouquet of roses with an ‘I love you’ card. Gees I was seriously tripping

Every hour after that I received another bouquet with a card carrying affectionate and loving quotes. I was all smiles my colleagues were all curiously throwing me looks left, right and Centre. That was not even the best part.

At exactly 12 noon, my favourite song – Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love started playing from a hidden speaker. I stood searching for the source only to find him standing on one knee outside my office. I couldn’t hear myself scream but I heard my boss screaming like an agbero.

I got stuck in a love Triangle- Godson

Have you ever found yourself crushing on a co-worker? What will you do if it’s your boss? So the thing is I have been sleeping with my boss for over a year.

I wouldn’t lie it has been thrilling and fun. From the stealing kisses and caresses here and there to the heart jarring sex after work. Our relationship was mutually beneficial and cool.

However, things became kind of weird during valentine. A lady that liked me got me a cake and some other valentine gifts and she saw it. Of course, I got her something for valentine too but she didn’t believe I had anything to do with the other lady.

The wahala was that the gifts (couple spa ticket, arousing oils and a love shaped bed wedge) I got should only be given to a lover, so I don’t blame her. After valentine things just became too awkward, she almost stopped talking to me. I was lucky I wasn’t sacked.

Ben – She dumped me for saying ‘I love you’

Let me start by saying I fucked up. Seriously it was just a slip up but she couldn’t forgive.

So my female coworker and I really hit it off, and eventually secretly made it official. She was scared of the gossip it would cause if our colleagues found out, so I often kept my distance at work.

On the night of Valentine some guys from work went out for a few drinks, and after a few, we were all sharing love stories and I mistaking dropped it that I was in love with her.

Things went south from there, when everyone turned to her she was embarrassed. She stood up without a word and left. I ran after her but the damage was done. She called it off the next morning.

In Summary

Whether you decide to make your move or not – keep in mind that things can go either way like in the stories above. Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones!

If you have any of your own office romance stories? let us know in the comments section below, we will love to hear them!

*All names in these post have been changed to protect the identity of our source

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