The Most Romantic Getaway Spots in Lagos and their Google Map Ratings


It’s that time of year again and love is in the air. For this year’s celebration, If you are planning to take the valentine romance beyond flowers and chocolate, why not try some of Lagos’ most romantic spot.

Despite the hustle and bustle of the seaside city, you’ll find some interesting and romantic places to spend a romantic weekend with that special someone.

Whether it’s candlelit dinners and luxury parties, long beach walks or an ambient place to spend quality time with your partner, Lagos has just the perfect spot. We have put together a list of 10 top romantic spots based on review and Google’s Star ratings.

Sheraton Hotel (Ikeja) – 4.4★

Credit: Guardain

Sheraton’s dinner setting is jaw-droppingly beautiful. In addition to that, it has an “Exotic Valentine’s Day offer” for love birds. From tranquil swimming pool relaxation to a state of the art lounge, lovers can experience romance in this exotic atmosphere.

Patrick, sharing his experience at Sheraton said that he and his wife tremendously enjoyed their stay. He added that the hotel location was perfect and the breakfast was very good.

The hotel is rated 4.4 stars from over 9,000 reviews on Google maps.

Radisson Blu (VI) – 4.5★

With its seaside view and tantalising dinner menu, Radisson is an awesomely romantic spot. During the valentine season, it puts together an exotic buffet menu to impress lovers.

Imagine a perfect valentine with a Bottle of Moet et Chandon Champagne, a rose for your love, pictures at the kissing booth and a violinist to serenade you throughout the night.

Jenifer, after her stay at the Radisson, lauded the breakfast. She said the fish stew sauce on yam was especially tasty.

The hotel is rated 4.5 stars from over 8,000 reviews on Google maps.

Nok by Alara (VI) – 4.2★

If you are looking for a sophisticated yet traditional feeling, Nok by Alara is the place to go. It has an exterior garden side view like no other. Its interior is decorated with lovely African artwork.

That’s not all its meals are tasty and superb, from continental meals to African foods, Nok has it all. It is just the perfect place to make your date salivate for more.

The resort is rated 4.2 stars from over 1,200 reviews on Google maps.

Federal Palace Hotel (VI) – 4.4★

The Federal palace is exactly what it’s called; a palace. It has a breathtaking view with warm sunlight and great service. For the valentine season, the hotel offers a special buffet dinner on the 14th of February at the Explorers restaurant.

The hotel is rated 4.4 from over 4,000 reviews on Google maps.

Omu Resorts (Lekki) – 4.2★

Besides having a romantic dinner, if you and your lover want to have some fun, the Omu resort is perfect. It has all sorts of fun games ranging from horse riding to archery and canoeing.

There is a zoo that houses the famous ‘Big Five’ of Africa, not to forget the porcupines, ostriches, giraffes, monkeys, hyenas and many more. It is a haven for lovers with its enchanting scenery.

The resort is rated 4.2 from over 3,000 reviews on Google maps.

La Mango Restaurant (Ikeja) – 3.9★

If going on a seaside vacation is an option, La Mango provides a romantic dinner setting that steams of love. Asides that, the restaurant is known for its variety in local and continental meals.

With great food and lovely scenery, La Mango can provide that prefect start to a lovely valentine, don’t you agree.

The resort is rated 3.9 from over 3,200 reviews on Google maps.

Eko Tourist Resort (Lagos/Epe Expressway) – 4.0★

Eko Tourist Resort is a one of a kind romantic getaway. Here, you could bask on sandy beaches that sit at the edge of the sea and spend your nights in gorgeous seaside villas with multiple terraces over the sea.

Spend your days relaxing together under swaying palm trees, deluxe villas, and clear waters. You can also join speed boat rides, horse riding among others.

The resort is rated 4.0 from over 150 reviews on Google maps.

Sky restaurant (VI) – 4.3★

Nested at the tallest Penthouse of Eko Hotel, the Sky Restaurant has a ‘wow’ factor that is hard to dispute. Having a dinner date at such a height gives a beautiful view of Lagos at night.

Asides being the highest restaurant in the city, it has a unique selection menu. It also has a romantic ambience with a grand piano playing in the background.

The resort is rated 4.3 from over 85 reviews on Google maps.

Hotel Bon Voyage (VI) – 4.0★

Bon Voyage has an awesome outdoor view. Omoyajowo, after a brief stay with his wife, said that it had great ambience and style. As for its food, the reviews were not so great as Susan commented that breakfast was not good but the staff were really very nice.

One thing is sure though, a night out at Bon Voyage is perfect to set in the love mood and guarantee a great valentine night.

The resort is rated 4.0 from over 800 reviews on Google maps.

La Campagne Tropicana (Lekki) – 4.3★

One sure thing about visiting La Campagne Tropicana is that it would bring the sparkling feelings of love and romance. Take a stroll hand-in-hand across palm filled beaches where you’ll enjoy magnificent vistas of the sea.

There is also the cosy small huts where you can enjoy and relax with your loved one over freshly served coconut among other things.

Just imagine being able to make unforgettable memories exploring the nature-filled beauty of La Campagne Tropicana.

The resort is rated 4.3 from over 50 reviews on Google maps.

In Summary

There you have it, some of the very best getaway spots you can spend valentine this weekend. They range from not too cheap to not too expensive and you can find them easily using Google maps.

Where are you spending Valentine this year? Share your romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day with us in the comment section below

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