All you need to know about Twitter Blue subscription package and how it works


Twitter has finally confirmed rumours that have been in circulation for months of a new subscription service. The social media giant has announced the launch of a new subscription service called Twitter Blue.

According to the company, the new service designed to give users more customization over their Twitter experience and access to premium features.

Twitter Blue provides access to exclusive features and perks that will take your experience on Twitter to the next level.


Some of the features and perks in the new service include the long-awaited undo tweet, Bookmark Folders and Reader Mode.

Other perks of the subscription service include a customizable app icon for your device’s home screen and fun colour themes for their Twitter app and will have access to dedicated subscription customer support.

Quick breakdown

For years the Twitter community have been asking for edit or even an undo feature for tweets. Although Twitter is still elusive with the edit button, it has added an Undo button in its subscription service.

According to the company, premium subscribers will now be able to correct a typo, preview and revise a tweet before it goes live. It added that with Undo tweet, you can set a customizable timer of up to 3 seconds to click ‘Undo’ before the Tweet, reply, or thread you’ve sent posts to your timeline.

How to adjust Undo Tweet

  1. From the Profile menu, tap Twitter Blue
  2. Tap Feature settings. Select the feature you’d like to customise:
    • Undo Tweet
    • Colour theme
    • App icon

Under the Bookmark Folders feature, users will now be able to organise all the contents they have saved up. Instead of the generic recent-to-old model in which normal bookmarks are categorised, the new Bookmark folder allows you to manage the content you are saving into categories so that it can easily be found.

  • How to create bookmark folders
  • From a tweet, tap the share icon
  • Select Add Tweet to Bookmarks
  • Tap the blue Add to Folder button
  • or From Profile
  • Tap Bookmarks
  • Tap the New Folder icon on the bottom of the Bookmarks page
  • Enter a name for your Folder.
  • Tap Create.
All you need to know About Twitter Blue; Features, Reactions and How to Sign Up

The last major feature is the Reader Mode. This feature provides a new experience of reading through threads on the platform by turning them into easy-to-read text.

According to Twitter, it will make the reading experience on the platform more beautiful by getting rid of the noise.

How to turn Reader Mode on/off

  1. Go to the top right of the tweet details.
  2. Tap the Reader Mode icon to turn this feature on.
  3. Tap the Reader Mode icon to turn the feature off.

Android left behind… again

The first iteration of the new Twitter Blue has started rolling out in Australia and Canada. However, it’s just for iOS users.

Twitter says additional regions and feature updates are coming later this year but said nothing about when it will be released on Andriod.

The prices for subscriptions are priced regionally and paid on a monthly basis. For example in Canada and Australia, Twitter Blue subscriber will be charged a monthly price of $3.49 CAD or $4.49 AUD respectively.

Are the features really worth their price?

Following the launch of the new subscription service, the Twitter community have been sharing their opinions. The responses range from excitement to anger on the new features available on the subscription service.

Leo Sander, Co-Founder of Moonshot Quest was particularly excited about the launch. Similarly, Vicki Mainard felt some of the features were great ideas. She added that she would pay to be able to edit her tweets before sending them.

The largest voice, however, was of those that felt that the offerings were not worth putting under a subscription wall.

A user, Dash expressed that all the features are basic features that shouldn’t have to be locked inside a subscription service. “In fact, these are all features that are either free to use on other services or are just shortcuts for things you can do for free on Twitter.”

The undo function being kept behind a paywall is absolutely ridiculous. Facebook has allowed us to edit posts for years now.
For. Free. It’s literally as simple as that. No one is asking for this. But anyway, kudos on rebranding the ‘Delete’ button. 🙄

Joseph Le, Twitter User

Similarly, Privateger, a software developer noted that none of those features is truly essential.

However, Edith feels the Reading mode is essential for those with visual difficulty but it shouldn’t be behind a paid wall.

All you need to know about Twitter Blue subscription package and how it works

Anil on his part was curious if his followers can see his threads in reader mode. “If I pay for Twitter Blue, can my *followers* see threads in Reader Mode, or just me? It’d be cooler if I could make things more readable for my followers by subscribing.”

Another school of thought is that Twitter Blue should remove ads. A Twitter user commented that ads should be removed at the very least. Shane agrees, pointing out that even YouTube removes ads from videos.

What happens to the ads? Getting rid of ads alone would be worth the subscription.

CART99, Twitter User

A brief review of other social media services that offer subscriptions services like Linkedin, YouTube show that these users have a point. Offerings like bookmark and edit are not to be behind paid walls.

Also, it was oblivious that one of the greatest perks of their subscriptions services was the removal of ads, unlike Twitter’s model.

What users are willing to pay for

Instead of overly complaining, some users took the opportunity to point out features they will pay for.

Mr Swoon, a Twitter user says he’s willing to pay for a feature that lets him block topics from ever showing up. Another user, Fraser was more detailed about what he wanted.

He said Twitter Blue should Remove ads, upload longer videos/higher quality pics, and allow cosmetic public proof of subscription like the gold badge on Reddit.

Other benefits he mentioned include instant early access into public tests of new features instead of the account lottery. (e.g. unlocking tips icon now), Gif profile pictures and Extra profile links (merch, other socials).

John Christopher, another user was more modest, he says he just wants no ads, longer video uploads, up to 10 pics per tweet and an edit button instead of an undo button.

In summary

Twitter new blue has great features that can help improve your experience on the app but you have to decide if it’s worth paying for.

If you decide to pay for it, here is how to join once it’s available in your location.

  1. Open the Twitter mobile app (iOS-only to start)
  2. Navigate to the Profile menu
  3. Tap Twitter Blue.
  4. Tap the blue Subscribe for $/mo button.
  5. Follow the in-app payment prompts to complete your purchase.

You can check your subscription status by simply selecting Twitter Blue under the Profile menu. If you have subscribed you will see an Active status badge with a green check.

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