Facebook deletes Adamu Garba’s Instagram page hours after Google removed Crowwe from Playstore


Facebook-owned social networking service, Instagram has deleted the page of former presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba on its platform.

The removal comes barely 24 hours after his instant messaging and financial transaction app, Crowwe was removed from Google Playstore reportedly over policy violation.

Another policy violation?

According to checks by Technext, the controversial politicians’ page on Instagram didn’t load as at the time of writing. The page simply displayed “Sorry, this page isn’t available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.”

This message is the automatic default message of accounts that have been kicked off the platform for violating one or more of Instagram’s Community Guidelines or policy. While there are no official reports as to the reason for the removal, here are some likely and unlikely reasons for the removal.

Facebook deletes Adamu Garba's Instagram Page hours after Google removes Crowwe

Posting illegal content

Instagram does not allow the sharing of illegal activities such as promoting terrorism, hate groups or crimes. It also doesn’t allow the posting of inappropriate content.

Over the last week, Adamu Garba has been involved in several heated conversations over the Twitter ban on Instagram. A popular one was the clash with Nigerian Rapper, Ruggedman during an Instagram live session hosted by PepperRoom, a reality TV.

During the session, the former presidential aspirant described Twitter as an “insurrectionist tool” for fuelling unrest in Nigeria rather than being a platform for freedom of expression.

“Twitter is not a social media app, Twitter is an insurrectionist tool that is aiding and abetting Nnamdi Kanu and his terrorist IPOB commanders to be able to destroy the Nigerian space. Twitter has long ceased to be a social media platform of freedom of expression,”

Adamu Garba

While interpreting Instagrams definition of illegal and inappropriate content can be a bit difficult, it could be that the mention of terrorism among other things Adamu posted was flagged by the platform.

Another likely reason is that multiple users may have reported him for violations. The politicians stand on the Twitter ban was met will a lot of backlashes. This could have led to one of his followers reporting his content.

Other popular reasons for the ban include being inactive for a long time. This is, however, very unlikely as the former presidential aspirant is very active on the platform. Posting threats that could lead to death or injury is also another reason.

We have reached out to Mr Adamu for comments but he is yet to reply.


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