Social Media Roundup: Outrage as Bia says she doesn’t know Wizkid, Davido and Burna Boy


It’s the end of another interesting week and besides fundraisers here and there, a couple of interesting things happened on social media during the week. We’ve gathered the top ones for your enjoyment in this roundup. Grab a bowl of popcorn or small chops and enjoy!

Anger as Bia tells Nicki Minaj she knows not Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy

To promote their new song, Nicki Minaj and Barbia (Bia) went live on Instagram on Thursday and engaged fans who asked them a variety of questions. To take things up a notch, Minaj asked Bia that which between Wizkid, Davido and BurnaBoy would she sleep with, marry or kill.


Bia then dropped what must be a bombshell to global music fans by responding that she does not know what either of the three internationally acclaimed Nigerian singers looks like. This generated a lot of angry reactions from some Nigerian fans who took it literally to mean that she did not know the singers or hadn’t heard of their fame.

@thefrogkiller tweeted, “You don’t know Wizkid, Davido and BurnaBoy, we don’t know you too!”

@_asiwajularry tweeted, “A US rapper said she does not know Wizkid, BurnaBoy and Davido and yet some of you are cutting her some slack. I hope you keep the same energy when a random Nigerian say they don’t know the foreign artiste you’re obsessed about and not call them ‘local’ for not knowing them”.

@tzolawale tweeted, “A whole Nicki Minaj knows Wizkid, Davido & Burna Boy but, Upcoming Act BIA denying she dunno any them but dance to their song & use their song lyrics for her picture captions.. she is high on ment & her papa dey craze.”

Some others, however, felt it was not a punishable offence for Bia not to know what the artists look like.

@iam_Eben said, “She said she doesn’t know what they look like, and that’s okay, it happens. I knew meek mill’s name for a while before I finally knew what he looked like, and it was even more than a year apart”

Davido pays heart-rending tribute to his friend, 44

Weeks after the death of Davido’s close friend, Habeeb Uthman, aka Obama DMW, the popular musician took to social media to mourn his friend. In his heartfelt tribute, he said “This is by far the hardest thing I’ve had to write. I am hurt, broken, sad, and lost. For the first time in my life, I am EXTREMELY confused. The pain is one I cannot explain.

“44 was more than an elder brother to me, he was a protector, he was someone that literally just always made me smile, he would do absolutely anything to make me smile, no matter the issue or problems I had.”

His fans joined him to mourn Uthman Habeeb.

@lollywater007 tweeted, “Rest on 44, my condolences, to Malik be strong and always looking up to God. To David, God bless you, and just try to be there in terms of morals as well, pls be innate with the boy, cos everything is not financial bro. 🕊️”

@papilhoe tweeted, “He’s in a better place now. He will no more feel the pains he felt while he was here! May God accept his soul🕊❤️”

However, while some Nigerians mourned with the popular artiste, some others felt it was unnecessary to tweet his tribute.

@cephietta tweeted, “I know many will come for me. I respect Davido and genuinely believe he’s a good lad, but making things like this public, is unnecessary… just do your good and let others tweet it.”

@boyrapido said, “I can’t imagine what you must be feeling right now, but I want you to know that we are in this with you. My heartfelt condolences.”

Multichoice N1.8 trillion tax debt

As the federal government ordered banks to freeze the account of DSTV parent company, Multichoice’s, because of tax debt up to $1.8 trillion. Nigerians took to social media to dissect the matter.

What Will Really Happen if DStv Exits the Nigerian Market?

@osipuka tweeted, “Nigeria is freezing Multichoice account in order to recoup R36000000000 of alleged taxes. We will be watching Karate Kids for the next 10 years with DSTV trying to pay back that money.”

@M_addict01 also tweeted “How can DSTV be evading tax with all the money they have been extorting from us giving us close to 0 value for our money, una dey ment sha.

@fatibash1 said, DSTV has never paid one kobo as tax since it came here. Now it must pay N1.8trn.You see why this govt has so many enemies?”

@jibrinibrahim17 said, “Great idea from #FIRS to appoint commercial banks as agents to recover the sum of N1.8 trillion from accounts of Messrs MultiChoice/DSTV who have over the years paid very little tax claiming they have very few subscribers. Now they will have to provide data base of subscribers.”

Tales of Pablo

5 days ago on Twitter, Nigerians remembered Pablo Ayodeji and his litany of scams. Known for allegedly scamming people and defiant about it, the scammer even got referenced in Adekunle Gold’s song ‘Pablo Alakori‘.

Pablo Ayodeji

Tweeting with the now-suspended handle @felaking, he was about to pull off a scam of $1,800 when the bubble burst on Twitter. His previous attempts include pretending to be suicidal to get compassion and money from people. He was reportedly about to be credited with N500,000 by a sympathetic Nigerian when people got wise about his tactics.

@yemihazan tweeted, “That pablo ayodeji guy is running scam with his full chest, he got his full confidence when y’all forgave him for that 160k scam in 2016.”

@devttorney tweeted, “Gotta hand it to Pablo Ayodeji. That Nigga is relentless. E still wan scam the person he’s owning $1800. The fraudacity.”

@meettherichard said, “Anyone who falls for Pablo Ayodeji’s scam in 2021 is either a moron or a rookie on this app.”

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@rosemareigh said, “I am so sorry to the sick and suffering oh, but if you can still do business with Pablo Ayodeji, whatever you see, na you get am. Honestly, I thought he’s in jail. We were on this timeline for wave after wave of Pablo’s fraud behavior including the Christmas Charity scam!”

That’s all on this week’s roundup of interesting social media happenings. Which one did you find most interesting? Stay safe this weekend and whatever you do, keep your money away from Pablo.

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