App Review: How Tudo is helping users set and achieve financial goals

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Individuals dream of making their lives easier. But the one factor that keeps hindering the execution of that dream remains their inability to attain financial freedom. To actualize their dreams, one has to set realistic goals that can project them from point A to point B.

However, setting goals alone isn’t enough to actualize these dreams. Goals need a certain level of workability. A step by step process. A plan. These plans could be segmented into making small steps daily, monthly or yearly or a personalized duration to ensure that said goals are achieved.

Setting and achieving financial goals can be very demanding. Due to the daily needs and the uncertainties of life such as health emergencies, impromptu travel expenses etc, one can only hope to get halfway through targets. Statistics show that 20% of the population set goals and 70% of that percentage fail to achieve set goals.

Projects designed to enable an individual to attain financial freedom such as starting a new business, taking up a course, learning a new skill etc, can help in the long term. But the baby steps required to tick these tasks off the to-do list make it all cumbersome. Saving just enough for these projects seem to be as easy as ABC but when faced with the challenge, a lot of people tend to dwindle hopelessly.

To help individuals follow up their financial goals diligently, a platform that provides templates to set up specific goals spread over a duration of time will go a long way. These features and more are available with the My Tudo app.

Tudo is a social financial platform that enables users to set specific personal or group financial goals. It also serves as a crowdfunding platform that allows users to share project financial goals with family and friends in a bid to help them meet targets of set goals.

When I reviewed the app, it had over 1,000 downloads on Google Play Store as well as a 4.9 rating. It is available for both Android and IOS operating systems.

How Tudo App works

With a size of 24MB on android, Tudo can be downloaded and used to set up and complete goal targets spread over a custom duration. To get started, I created my profile using my email and unique password. Options to login via Google or Facebook are also available.

After creating an account, the user will be required was to complete their profile by providing personal information which included date of birth, gender and Bank Verification Number BVN) to link their bank account to their Tudo app. KYC and Next of Kin information are also required.

For old users, the dashboard consists of toggles that allow you to create a new personal goal or a group goal as well as view your existing personal goals and group goals. On the bottom of the screen, special toggles are available to enable you to explore the Tudo space by connecting you with other users in need of funding.

You can also invite family and friends to join Tudo by sending them a unique referral link from the dashboard. Account maintenance options are also available.

To create a personal goal, I clicked on the ‘create a personal goal‘ icon on the dashboard. I was asked to select a category for my goal spanning from personal needs to education, health, political goals, projects and non-profit. I labelled the goal after what I wanted to use my funds for eg RENT PAYMENT. After picking a category, inputting the goal title, I added a target and the duration in which I intend to achieve it.

Automated durations range from 14 days, 60 days and 180 days. There is an option to create a custom duration with which you want to achieve your goal. After filling in the necessary details of my goal, I was charged to agree to Tudo’s terms and conditions. In doing this, I successfully created a goal.

Users are also allowed to add an image or video of no more than 30MB as well as a brief description of their intentions to your goal to make it more interesting to potential donors. After doing this, simply click on ‘Complete’ to complete the process. You can view and edit your goal at different points in time and also share a link to your family, friends and social media, using your goal’s unique link so they can contribute towards them.

To create a group goal, simply click on ‘Create a group goal’ on the dashboard. Then enter a group name which can be anything you and your friends choose to call the group. Then set a target sum the group intends to achieve and for how long. Automated durations for group goals spanned from 30days to 60days, 90days and custom duration option.

After filling in the necessary details and agreeing to Tudo’s terms and conditions, provide your Tudo password in order to successfully create the group goal.

When viewing the group goal, Tudo has special features to enable group members to keep track of their contributions in a metric system that shows the target, amount raised and the amount withdrawn. It also has a feed to help group members stay in touch and update one another.


Tudo provides its crowdfunding and target savings services for free while giving you the opportunity to make conscious efforts towards your goals.

What users are saying

Tudo seems to deliver its services diligently as the app raked in over 400 positive reviews on the Google App Store. A user, Kije Akan reiterated the efficiency of the app in helping its users achieve even small goals.

He said, “A fantastic app! I used the app to pull money together from my friends to host a send forth party. I was able to also communicate clearly the message which had the time and venue for the party using the video feature of the app”.

Alexandra Collins said,”This app is awesome. Every goal-oriented person will find it super useful in all their financial goals and fundraising towards those goals. I highly recommend this app”, lauding it for its efficiency in aiding fundraisers for different projects.”

Its User Interface and User Experience makes for a valid reason why its reviews and ratings are high. Olamide Odedeji said, “It’s a great app. I’ve been seeking for a financial goal help like this one. It has smooth relatable UI and well planned UX.”


Tudo comes as an antidote to a lot of misplaced priorities and as a medium to reach potential donors to raise funds. Tudo offers an essential service in a fast-paced environment, which leaves no room for planned expenses, leaving individuals running a race in the quest for financial freedom. I would most definitely recommend Tudo for people looking for an avenue to set goals and work towards them consistently.

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