Social Media Roundup: Moaning competition, tech money vs yahoo money and others


It has been a very fun week on social media. From the moaning competition that was held on Twitter to opinions about Toke Makinwa’s selection as the host for the returning Gulder Ultimate Search, to someone almost dying while participating in a challenge, we have all the tea.

So without further ado, here are the top trending topics that rocked social media this week.

Sorosoke in a moaning competition

Yes oh, the sorosoke generation did a lot of speaking up on Twitter spaces but it was hardly for the reason you may have envisaged.

The above tweet by Orgasm.NG is what scattered Twitter o. The sex toy company decided to host a moaning competition. That’s right. Over 10,000 Twitter users joined the space, not only to contest but to also listen to other people moan sexually.

During the course of the event, the prize to be won went from being only a vibrator to N100,000 for the winner. A whole $50 in this economy, only to moan. People have talents sha.

As usual, there were as many opinions as there were accounts to tweet them. While some decried the youths lack of seriousness, others simply found the challenge entertaining.

In this life, we have different priorities.

For innocent people like us, our focus is on the heavenly race.

Las las wahala no dey finish so we moan. Sorry, we move.

Toke Makinwa

In case you missed it, Gulder Ultimate Search is back. And earlier this week, popular OAP, TV presenter, vlogger and author, Toke Makinwa was announced as the host of the returning reality tv show.

We thought it was a harmless announcement o until people started trooping to social media to show us it is not. According to them, Toke was not a good fit for the show for the following reasons:

However, fellow celebrities supported her saying that she already proved her mark as an excellent presenter and that she ought to be celebrated.

We wish Toke all the best sha. We hope she manoeuvres all the shrubs, climbs all the trees, crosses all the rivers and mountains and do a very good job in the end.

Tech money vs Yahoo money

The tweet above sparked an entire debate about the similarities and differences between tech bros and yahoo guys. The biggest difference is that yahoo (internet fraud) is a crime and they should not even be compared. You can read up on the conversation by clicking on this link.

Below are some of the opinions exchanged.

Getting into the tech space is not a fast track to make money, it requires dedication and above all it is honest work.

Joeboy’s Alcohol Challenge

Joeboy. Credit: Billboard

Superstar singer, Joeboy recently dropped a single titled ‘Alcohol‘. The song went on to become a hit further pushed by the challenge on Tiktok.

Most new songs nowadays have different challenges where listeners dance or mime to the song. It was different this time as people poured different substances like oil and sand on their bodies while the song was playing. Some even went to the extent of ingesting harmful substances.

There was an instance where someone appeared to be drinking what looked like an antiseptic and was convulsing afterwards. It got so bad that the crooner had to come out to implore fans to desist from such acts.

Not all entries for the challenge were bad though, as some still managed to make social media users laugh.

For those that are interested in ‘serious relationship’, here is a good way of finding out if the person is right for you.

In all your doings, no go lose guard o. That’s all we have for you this week. We will be here again with our amebo next week. Till then, stay jiggy.

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