Twitter finally makes Spaces available to everyone nearly a year after launch

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After almost a year of launching its live audio chatroom features, Twitter has finally announced that Spaces will be available to all users irrespective of their device type or follower count. This is coming nearly a year after it launched the feature and 6 months after it expanded it to include users with more than 600+ followers.

According to the microblogging platform, everyone with an Android or iOS device can now host their own live audio session regardless of how many Twitter followers they have. 

Before now, only users with more than 600 followers could initiate a Twitter Spaces conference. But now the social media giant will allow everyone, irrespective of follower count to host a Spaces.

This latest Twitter’s announcement of the expansion of Spaces also included a GiF that serves as a quick lesson on how users can make their own Space.

twitter - spaces
twitter – spaces

Spaces was Twitter’s attempt at replicating Clubhouse’s success with its own version of audio-centric chatrooms. The company is finally allowing even Android users to host a Space, a feature that should have been available much sooner.

Prior to making space available to everyone, the company announced it was working hard to develop the features of this service and greatly improve the experience.

It recently added the ability to add up to two co-hosts and ten speakers, which is very beneficial for large gatherings.

Ticketed Spaces is one of the most recent updates Twitter made available to more Android users this year.

Ticketed Space

The company began rolling out this separate application in June for all users in the United States and says it’s a means for organizers to make money off of using the space feature. 

Anyone with the latest version of Twitter can use this feature. All you have to do is tap on the compose floating button, then tap the Spaces icon to bring up a new floating sheet that introduces you to Twitter Fleets.

You can add 10 other users as speakers after entering the name of your Twitter Space. Other users can join in as listeners and be promoted to talk at any time.

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