Technext Coinference 2021: Unveiling the speaker and sponsors of the largest crypto gathering in Africa


As the largest blockchain and cryptocurrency event, Coinference 2021 draws even closer, event organisers and tech media organisation Technext has unveiled the lineup of speakers and sponsors for the much-awaited event.

Because cryptocurrency is many people’s gateway to financial security, the maiden Technext Coinference is aimed at providing valuable insights and knowledge that would empower people to make the decisions that will guarantee their financial freedom.

The speakers consist of young leaders in the finance and blockchain industry as well as experts with decades of experience under their belts. They are drawn from across different industries and disciplines including finance, blockchain, cryptocurrency, government and several others.

The mashup of speakers reflects Technext’s belief that for blockchain to bring about true prosperity, as many people as possible from as many industries as possible must be carried along. 

But more importantly, it reflects our intention to make sure that conversations to be had during the Coinference cover a very wide scope, including the core discipline of blockchain as well as other adjuncts like regulation, legal perspectives etc.

So without further shalaye, let’s meet the speakers.

Endeavour to register to be a part of this FREE gathering by clicking on this link. The event is both virtual and physical.

Fejiro Hanu Agbodje (Founder/CEO of Patricia)

Fejiro is the founder of popular crypto company, Patricia. Founded in 2017, Patricia is a platform that helps Nigerians transact cryptos in very unique and fun ways. Starting up on the instant messaging platform, WhatsApp, the company now offers its distinguished services through its apps on Google and iOS stores.

And Fejiro has guided the crypto exchange for more than 4 years, recently facilitating its relocation to Estonia after Nigeria’s regulatory space became too inconducive for it. He has shown a thorough understanding of crypto as a commodity and gateway to wealth as well as leadership to steer his organization through difficult times. His knowledge would be very important in a conversation such as this.

Emmanuel Babalola (CEO of Bundle Africa and Director at Binance Africa)

Emmanuel Babalola replaced the charismatic Yele Bademosi as the CEO of Bundle Africa. That was a big shoe to fill but Emmanuel has fitted in nicely. Also the current Director of Binance Africa, Emmanuel is straddling two giants of the blockchain/crypto space.

Emmanuel has a tremendous understanding of digital currency and has been a vocal supporter of the African crypto community. He has also been very influential in the rise of today’s African crypto giants like Yellow Card, Bitsaka and Xend. His wealth of experience would be invaluable for a conversation like this.

Austin Okere (Founder, CWG Plc)

With more than 230 years of operating in the financial and economic sectors, Austin Okere brings along a wealth of experience that will be too unfortunate to miss out on. The founder and Vice Chairman of the Computer Warehouse Group (CWG) as well as the Founder of the Ausso Leadership Academy, Austin is playing a huge role of equipping Africans with knowledge and skill to succeed in a highly digital world.

At the 2014 WEF meeting of champions in Taijin, China- (L-R) N Chandrasekaran, CEO Tata Consulting Services, Austin Okere, Founder CWG Plc, Rich Lesser, CEO Boston Consulting Services
At the 2014 WEF meeting of champions in Taijin, China- (L-R) N Chandrasekaran, CEO Tata Consulting Services, Austin Okere, Founder CWG Plc, Rich Lesser, CEO Boston Consulting Services

Recently appointed into the Global Business Practices Council of AACSB International and a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council, Austin Okere brings his deep insight into global economic matters to the conversation. He would be an absolute delight.

Prince Clem Ikanade Agba (Minister of State for Budget and National Planning, FRN)

Prince Clem Agba is Nigeria’s Minister of State for Budget and National Planning. Inaugurated in August 2020 and having been just one year in office, the honourable minister has achieved a lot. This includes the eventual passage of the Nigerian Finance Bill which signalled the first time since the country returned to democracy when the budget will be accompanied by an enabling finance bill.

Prince Clem Agba with President Muhammadu Buhari

As the Co-Chair of Open Government Partnership, the minister is pushing for more citizen engagement and participation in governance with a plan to develop a web application that will be used by Nigerians to appraise projects by MDAs. Boasting numerous years of experience in the oil and gas value chain, his wealth of experience will be immeasurable especially in the area of government relations.

Abe Cambridge (Founder/CEO of Sun Exchange, South Africa)

Abraham Cambridge is the Founder and CEO of Sun Exchange, a solar energy company which he founded during his spare time. Abe is one of those tech leaders bringing direct investment into Africa by enabling investors anywhere in the world to invest in clean energy in Africa using cryptos.

With his experience applying cryptos in a not-so-regular method Abe would be showing you other ways cryptos can be applied to other industries to maximise wealth.

Ruth Iselema (Founder/CEO of Bitmama)

What would make a trained pharmacist abandon her training and decide to delve into the Blockchain space?

L-R Akin Asalu, COO, Bitmama; Ruth Iselema, CEO, Bitmama
L-R Akin Asalu, COO, Bitmama; Ruth Iselema, CEO, Bitmama

 Well, Ruth was scammed of N250,000 while trading Bitcoin. Can you imagine how that feels? Of course, she would be sharing that experience, alongside the experience of leading a crypto exchange that has continued to make trading safe and secure for its customers.

Ruth Iselema’s Bitmama has processed more than $6 million in transaction volume this year alone and only recently got an investment of $350,000. She’s an interesting addition to the array of speakers that you don’t want to miss.

Other speakers include Chimezie Chuta, Founder and Coordinator of Blockchain Nigeria User Group; Osademe Arhunmwunde, Co-Founder and COO of GIGX Technologies; Dickson Nsofor, CEO at Kora; Modibe Matsepane, Senior Associate of Growth, Africa Paxful; Jacquelyn Madu, Founder and CEO of Aza Pay; and Uzoma Dozie, CEO of Sparkle.

Technext Coinference Sponsors

The event sponsors comprise a litany of organisations that are playing vital roles in the growth and development of the Nigerian blockchain space and by extension, shaping the future of finance in the country. They include:

GIGX: Africa’s first decentralized marketplace, bringing real-world business opportunities to a blockchain-based environment. The company aims to unlock economic opportunities for all by enabling peer-to-peer services, effectively cutting out the middlemen and reducing associated costs in the process.

Kurobi: A blockchain company that allows just about anybody to sell digital currencies including cryptos, NFTs, DeFi and others. Its aim is to bring you closer to your audience and help you monetise your assets.

Conflux Network: Tagged ‘blockchain without barriers’, China-based Conflux Network is building a borderless transactional and technological ecosystem for globally-minded crypto projects, extending beyond China into other regions like Africa.

Quidax: Quidax is a digital assets exchange that allows users to seamlessly buy and sell cryptocurrency with their local currency. Boasting its own QDX token, the company plans to shift from its Africa-focused strategy to becoming a global home of BEP20 tokens.

Bitmama: Bitmama provides a secured blockchain infrastructure that allows users across Africa to perform cryptocurrency transactions. The startup currently operates in Nigeria and Ghana.

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