Lagos Digital Summit, Technext Coinference, here are the biggest tech events in Nigeria 2021


The Nigerian tech ecosystem is undoubtedly growing rapidly and heading for space, literally. The industry has produced some of the most fantastic minds out of Africa as well as some of the most successful startups in the history of innovation. 

The success of this industry, amongst many things, is due to the resilience and innovative mindsets of its players. 

To build on these achievements and make the tech industry in Nigeria grow at an exponential rate, stakeholders continually organize events and conferences to enable a pool of creative vision and experience as well as a common ground for rigorous brainstorming. 

Some of the notable tech events that were held in 2021 include, in no particular order, the following:

Devfest 2021

The Google Devfest 2021 was an event hosted to encourage the development of digital talent in the country. It was a gathering for those who are interested in learning about and developing solutions using Google and open source technologies.

The Devfest event, which took place on December 3rd, featured the annual developer festival of sessions, workshops, training, codelabs, and much more. The events took place across different cities and were facilitated by awesome speakers. 

Attendees were also treated to sessions on mental health, mobile, design, the web, cloud, devOps, machine learning, and other topics.

The sessions happened in parallel, and participants got to choose and plan to attend the sessions that fit their profile or things they would like to learn about.

Lagos Digital Summit 2021

Highlighting one of the biggest governmental pushes towards digital innovations, the Lagos state government held its Lagos Digital Summit 2021 on Friday, November 26. The event took place at The Zone Tech Park in Gbagada, Lagos. 

The eponymous event highlighted the role of digital media in accelerating growth for both individuals and businesses. 

This year’s edition, which was the 5th edition of the Summit, was themed “Digital Media as a Tool for Business Growth.” It brought together stakeholders from many fields to discuss the relevance of a digital strategy and why businesses can no longer treat it as an afterthought.

The event featured two panel sessions with performers and representatives from the formal business world, which were held throughout the event. 

The discussions included a wide variety of themes, including registering a brand name that would always stick in the target audience’s mind. 

The panellists unanimously agreed that digital media is more than simply social media and that focusing on platforms that are relevant to one’s target market is a better approach than attempting to be everywhere at once.

Technext Coinference 2021

Although rarely given enough attention for discussion, the topic of cryptocurrencies remains one of the most pressing themes in a lot of individual minds in Nigeria and beyond.

Innovations around the globe have, in one way or another, had conversations around the blockchain and the immense benefits it provides for adopters. 

The use of blockchain as a payment mechanism for a whole new level of transactions in the metaverse is the most recent addition to the discourse.

Fulfilling their quota of giving more opportunities to discuss and straighten up issues relating to cryptocurrencies, tech media organisation, held the maiden edition of its cryptocurrency discourse, coined as ‘Coinference 2021‘. 

The event, held on December 9th, had the general theme of “Reimagining crypto as the future of finance.” It gathers brilliant minds in the Nigerian blockchain sector to have essential discussions about the future.

Individuals and institutions from all over Nigeria and abroad attended the hybrid event. The event was also attended by stakeholders, enthusiasts, and regulatory authorities. 

In a panel session, pioneers in the blockchain business addressed remaining doubts and fallacies about the blockchain sector. 

The focus of the event was to untangle the regulatory knots in the field, and a common theme across all presenters was the speed with which bitcoin is transforming the financial system.

Techpoint Digital Currency Summit 2021

The future of currencies is changing on the global market, and every country is slowly taking a dive into the innovations. 

Businesses around the world have changed quickly due to the pandemic, but Nigeria’s economic situation has remained more unpredictable than ever as a country. 

Techpoint, a technology news platform, hosted its digital currency summit this year to create a discussion space to address these issues.

The event, which was held on March 25, 2021, was an annual event where leading thinkers and digital industry experts lay bare exclusive insights about the ‘money of the future.’

The Digital Currency Summit also featured a business conference and discussions that focused on critical areas such as novel applications of digital currency, disruption of international trade and payment, regulations, and the intricacies of fundraising for crypto startups.

The event, like many tech events in recent times, has a mixture of physical and virtual participation.

The summit, which was the maiden edition of the event, was an impactful outing that featured some upcoming and innovative African cryptocurrency companies and entrepreneurs solving problems with the latest blockchain technologies.

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